Multiple profile postcrossers

Some days ago I drew the address of a profile that was very familiar. I looked through my sent cards and discovered that indeed I have sent a card to someone a while ago from the same country, but different name and gender. But the text in their profiles is exactly the same so I suspect I am sending to the same person again (who is just pretending to be someone else??). I know it’s not forbidden to have more than one profile (I see that often) but still I don’t really feel happy about this. There are so many postcrossers out there and despite this I have to send to the same person twice… I know it is a coincidence but still… What are yout thoughts on this?


Huh, I thought it was not allowed actually? At least I think it was in the rules that you weren’t allowed more than one account per person.
I’m not really sure if I care all that much about it though, as long as a person registers my card I wouldn’t mind sending one to the same person twice.


Since the name and gender are different, maybe this is a profile of a family member? And they just didn’t feel like writing a diffetent text.


I once requested two addresses and got two of the profiles of one person living in Russia. I sent similar cards and she registered both on the same day with identical messages and no acknowledgement of the coincidence. Had to be pretty rare, especially when Russia has so many people in the queue.


I sent postcards to other countries to people who have multiple profiles. I received identical, sometimes even promotional cards with the inscription only happy postcrossing, from people who have several profiles. in principle, I do not mind if one person has several profiles, as long as he sends real postcards and writes normal text on them. But I dont like it when I drop out profiles of animals, or children, who themselves do not even understand that there is such a thing as postcrossing and just a postcard


I once sent a card to a foetus!


It’s not strictly forbidden, it’s “discouraged.”

I truly cannot for the life of me understand the point of having more than one profile. Ok to send more, but once you get to a certain level you can send more than enough…

Last week I received two cards from the same person, it was the first time for me. They were almost consecutive numbers so they were sent at the same time but no mention of the coincidence and just generic messages.


From time to time I find it very refreshing to write utter nonsense to a cat.
And writing postcards to children is a great thing. Normally the children are old enough to understand what they are doing. It’s a wonderful way (if done “right”) to raise open minded human beings.


perhaps you dropped out profiles of adult children, I dropped out babies, as the unborn children wrote above. And I don’t want to write to a cat or any other animal


That is a completely different topic though :wink:


I find quite often that these people with multiple profiles are just doing it in bulk. When I’ve received multiple cards from one person, they have come with identical messages. When I’ve received thank yous from them, the messages have always been very generic and clearly pasted in.


Just my two offtopic cents, but I find it interesting to write to an unborn child wishing him/her all the best for his/her birth. Maybe the parents are creating some kind of “time capsule” which they present to their child on the day of his/her majority.


Thank you guys for your opinions. I once got a card from a plant (written by his human “parents”) and found that quite funny. But probably it feels a little weird if you have to write to the plant :thinking:


When Postcrossing began we could only send 5 postcards at a time, not matter how many received. I did open multiple accounts back then, but once (I think early in Postcrossing history) the number of traveling postcards increased, I let the multiple accounts go inactive.

Then there was the time I got to top position for postcards sent from US and I wanted to let someone else claim that title, but didn’t want to slow down sending postcards, so I created the account I am using now and let my original account go inactive.

Also, 4 of my 5 grandchildren had accounts with my address and they LOVED postcards when they were very young. I have pictures of my 18 month old granddaughter playing with a basket of postcards. Now that they are all old enough to write their own postcards they are not as interested, but I hold out hope they will jump back in.

But, in all my multiple/grandkid accounts, the messages were unique, even if we did often send same postcards over and over just because they were our favorite views.


I have two profiles, with different texts and wishes. I started second one when I felt I was losing interest for the hobby and tried to have fun, then most of stuff arrived to second one was incredible, I just can’t abandon it. Now I put some wishes there for my toddler (I hated sending cards to babies before, but now I see that small babies, starting 8+ months can really have preferences - my son was playing with my postcards and washi tapes for long time, just sorting and holding, then he found a postcard with banana dog, squealed from joy and tried to kiss it).

As far as I know it’s discouraged to have multiple profiles, but having two is okay, having three or more may draw attention of admins and deleting it even.

I noticed that last half year the visibility of double profiles increased significantly (probably, because people with two profiles are more motivated?). Sometimes people send very similar/same cards to both my profiles, sometimes I only notice that by coincidence.

I think someone drawing addresses of your two profiles (and vice versa - you drawing two profiles of the same person) connected with picking address algorithm which taking into account activity of users (for example, while you on website, registering cards, someone is getting your address in the same time).

Personally, I love drawing address of someone I already met - like forum member, or person who sent you something memorable before on other profile, and now you can pay back :slight_smile:


I once drew two profiles with the same address but different names. I generally try to assume the best–that they’re different people living at the same place. After all, there are Postcrossing members who have gotten their family to do this, too.

I personally don’t really get why people would want to create multiple accounts just for themselves (rather than for another family member) when they could do tags and round robins if they wanted to get more postcards than what they are allowed on the official site.


Y’all this is a wild thread – fetuses and cats – oh my!


I don’t mind these things as aliases if that’s your only account. It’s when people start opening accounts for potted plants and doorknobs just to be able to send a few more cards.

And because that is all a lot of effort to manage, the enthusiasm will eventually die and the cards will remain unregistered.


My wife and I both have Postcrossing profiles. So we both reference being moms, having young kids, and we have the same address. We also actually have the same profession, although I don’t know if she mentions her profession in her profile. I could imagine some people may think we are the same person, especially if they aren’t aware of diverse families (eg, families with two moms). So, I imagine sometimes it could be hard to really know whether the profiles are for the same or different people, especially if you make inferences about what they write.


I received two cards on the same day from a user with multiple accounts. The user was honest and wrote on one of the cards that it was the second time they had drawn my address in one day! I probably would have noticed anyway, because the handwriting was distinctive, but I appreciated their honesty in letting me know. Also, I was glad because while one of the cards was definitely fine, the other one was really something I like a lot. Maybe if they had only drawn me one time, I would have missed getting that card!