Month of Letters

The Month of Letters challenge starts in a few days! Is anyone planning to participate this year?

Here are the rules:

  • During the month of February, mail at least one item through the post every day it runs. Write a postcard, a letter, send a picture or a cutting from a newspaper… anything goes!
  • Write back to everyone who writes to you. This can count as one of your mailed items.

Simple, right? I’ve been participating on and off for a few years, and it’s always nice to have the excuse to send a bit more mail. I try to make an effort to send mine to people I haven’t been as much in touch as I would have liked recently.

You’re invited to join, if you’d like — we can support each other and share our mailings in this topic. :slight_smile:



Its seems very fun :slight_smile:


huh, I didn’t know a thing like that exists and now I’m tempted to participate… Though, holy badgers, I know I won’t survive this :smiley: I never completed inktober and this for some reason seems like more effort to me! :see_no_evil:


I’m participating this year :slight_smile: I already have some people to swap with and I’m also in 2 RR’s, plus official PC cards. I think I’ll make it work!

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I am ready to accept the challenge!


A great idea to get us through the hard winter month! I’m in!
I would be happy to write to anyone in this forum.
What is the best way to exchange addresses?
I will send a letter or postcard to up to 14 members who provide me with their addresses. The remainder days of the month I will write a letter to either a family member or a friend. Splitting the Month of Letters joy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I look forward to getting some addresses and to sending mail every day in February. WooHoo!!


Welcome to the forum! :wave:

Have a look on the #trades-requests-offers section – you can get in touch with members who are looking for penpals, peruse the trades for exchanges, or open your own topic there to offer people postcards. I’m sure you’ll fill out the spots in your calendar in no time! :slight_smile:


Thank you for the tip!

I didn’t know about this before. Sounds like fun :grinning:
But I fear I’m not up to it. Maybe I’ll just try. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a question regarding the second rule though: do I also have to write back to people who send me official postcrossing postcards? Normally I don’t have their addresses and I wouldn’t want to bother people by asking. Especially when they state that they are not interested in direct swaps.

No, not those — just the people who sent you letters, or whom you’re supposed to reply back to. The original challenge was designed for letter writers, so the rules have penpaling in mind.

How does this work? In Greece post offices are closed on weekends… I would love to participate but I guess next year since I’m currently out of cards and that’s because of me being super enthusiastic about the new forum and sending all of my postcards lol.


Last year I simply sent a Postcrossing card every day. Well, almost, I had to draw two addresses some days to catch up. :wink:


Thanks for posting this! going to give it my best shot!!

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I am planning on participating! I participated last year for the first time and revived some penpal relationships (and gained some new pen pals) as a result. It was so lovely to receive mail on a fairly regular basis during the year that was 2020. I did a mix of letters and Postcrossing cards. You can find penpals on the official LetterMo website if you’re not sure who to write to.

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I also want to participate this year. this is my first, I participate in such an event. it’ll be beautiful and fun.:sweat_smile::star_struck::innocent:


I would like to participate, especially if you consider that Feb, is the month that I have my birthday too. This makes it, my favourite month. But one small question: How can I prove that I have completed the challenge/quest/task/mission? Is there any special rule for that?

I would like to participate, sounds fun…

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It’s just for fun — a challenge to yourself, no need to prove anything! :slight_smile: If you feel like it though, come back to this topic to report how it is going for you. I hope we can motivate and cheer each other as we go along!


From their website:

“All you are committing to is to mail 24 items. Why 24? There are four Sundays and one US holiday.”

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I’ll participate too. I’m already making lists in my mind of people I really really should have written a letter to over the last months.
Started creating easter cards with the children for our family today, but it’s a bit early to post them. :thinking: