Meetup in genoa (italy) saturday 15th october 2022

:world_map: CITY/REGION: genoa, liguria, italy
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: genova principe railway station
:calendar: DATE: 15th october 2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 10-17
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN: postcrossers will meet at the main entry of genova principe railway station at h 10, then a walk through the ancient side of town will take us to christopher columbus’ house and we will have lunch and sign the meetup postcards starting from h 13 at the librificio del borgo.

this meetup is a celebration of the 530th anniversary of the discovery of america by christopher columbus on 12th october 1492 :smiley: even though we celebrate it 3 days later :rofl: and here you can read something about that great explorer:

here you can read something about his house:

ticket costs 3 euros, but visiting this monument is not mandatory :warning:
postcrossers who can’t arrive on time for this visit to his small house museum or who are not interested can explore the surroundings and then reach us at h 13 at the librificio del borgo in via borgo degli incrociati, 22, right behind brignole railway station (not the same station of arrival) :smiley:

here you can read something about the independent library with kitchen where postcrossers will spend some hours together in having lunch and signing postcards:

:warning: edit :warning: our first idea was to print only a postcard as usual, but then the Queen of all the queens has gone to heaven and we found that our meetup falls in the days of her visit in 1980, so we decided to print a second postcard to celebrate this charismatic woman, her extraordinary life and the 42nd anniversary of her visit.

thank you very much @Markopuff89 :heart_eyes: who turned into postcards what otherwise would have remained just an idea that was spinning in my head :rofl:

everybody is welcome to our meetup :smiley: or just ask a postcard if you can’t join us: we are ready to swap :smiley:


Hello. I would be happy to exchange))

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Hi!) Will be glad to swap :blush:

My offers
Or here


Hi all! I would like to receive such a postcard. Please see my postcards Anmelden | VK

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Hello! I am interested in the first meetup card (with the pen). I’d like to surprise my best friend too, is it possible to swap 2 cards? I am from Emilia Romagna, Italy.

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Cartoline fantastiche !!!


@sherrydarling stavolta potremo contare su di te per qualche miliardo di firme oppure no ? :rofl:

Ah ah ci provo!! Solo qualche miliardo???

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Hallo, I would love to participate. Am on Vacation in Italy, well in Bologna from 11 to 21 of octobre. Could I order 20 postcards as well? The one without the queen… :slight_smile: Greetings from Ines (Germany)

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Wonderful, join us :heart_eyes:
We keep 20 postcards for you :grinning:

Just booked the trainticket. Will arrive at 10.14, so will not make it in time for the tour. I might try to get my own then. :slight_smile: Looking forward to meeting you. :slight_smile:

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hello ines, it’s the train i wanted to suggest you :smiley:
don’t worry for the tour: you won’t miss it, we’ll have a coffee while waiting for you and then we’ll go all together :smiley:
as the library-restaurant where we will have lunch and sign postcard is near genova brignole railway station, i suggest you to the train leaving from genova brignole at 17,06 and arriving to bologna at 21,25.
there are other solutions but it takes 2 or 3 trains.
postcards cost only 0,10 euro each.
we’ll keep in touch, have a nice holiday, best wishes, stefano :smiley:

Hello, can we swap the Meetup card? I’ll exchange with a Meetup card from Solo, Indonesia, also on 15 October 2022 too.

Please PM me if you accept.


I’d like to exchange with you! Which of the two cards you prefer? @RobertAK

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Sooo wonderful, thank you. Can’t wait. Until very soon.

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@travel28 will you come with someone?
just to know exactly how many seats to book, i think we could be 12 or 13

Good Evening Stefano, it*s just me. I bring a few meeting cards from our meetup last Saturday here in Tübingen, in case someone is interested. :wink: I already booked my returnticket, at 17.27 from the main station. See you soon.

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Hello, i would love to get such postcard)
i can send something Polish related in exchange)
here is my address:

Eugene Petrov
St. Hoża 14, Apt 10
62-800 Kalisz

Best regards,Eugene

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@EugPet pm sent

Рада обменяться с вами!