Meetup Hamburg August 28. 2021

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Hamburg
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Central Sation / museumship “Bergedorf” Oevelgoenne habour museum
:calendar: DATE: 28. August 2021
:alarm_clock: TIME: 11.00 Central Station / 14.00 museumship “Bergedorf”
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

We meet at 11.00 am in the main train station (in front of the large press shop in the “Wandelhalle”) and can use the time for shopping of postcards or other things around the Moenckebergstrasse/Spitalerstrasse or other places in the city.

From 2. pm seats are reserved for us on the former port ferry “Bergedorf” in the museum habour “Oevelgoenne”. The “Bergedorf” was bult in 1955, served for many years in the port of Hamburg and is now a restaurant ship. The museum habour Oevelgoenne" offers beautiful surroundings right on the Elbe-River with many old ships.

We can stay there until around 6 pm - the restaurant will be required for another event by 7 pm at the latest.

As of today, July 29, 2021 the Corona regulations in Hamburg say that the visitor data must be recorded (manually or e.g. Luca App).

Meeting-Cards: These cards are very popular and are collected by many Postcrossers. Unfortunaly I have no talent and no possibilities to shape it. But you are free to design meeting cards.

The number of participants is unforunately limited to 25 people.


  1. Hamburg127
  2. Clari
  3. KiwiAngie
  4. Friesendeern
  5. Leuchttürmchen
  6. Deichmaedel
  7. Mondfalke
  8. Buchstabensalat
  9. Manuchka
  10. Cassiopheia
  11. Indianer237
  12. noe6acv
  13. reserviert
  14. kroete68
  15. biblio_dani
  16. Dragon69
  17. Juania

I will come, too!

I would love to join you :blush:

I’d love to join this meetup!

edit: @Hamburg127 as there is no meet up card so far, I could offer to get one printed. If there are orders for 100 cards at least, I will get them printed. Here’s my suggestion:

The boat in the front should be the location where we meet. The cards would cost 0,25 € / card (+ postage fee if you want to receive them beforehand). Deadline for ordering the card is August 15, 2021.

I still have some leftover cards if you need some!


There is no other design for a card at the moment - I realy like it.

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Hello, I would like to come, please count me in.

Hello, I would like to order 40 cards of your wonderful design. Can you send me the cards beforehand? How much is it all together? Best wishes, Anja

10 € for the 40 cards and most probably 1,55 € postage.

Moin ich möchte gerne kommen :smiley:

Hallo moin, ich würde auch gerne 20 nehmen VG Kirstin :smiley:

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Oh, wie schön! Wir haben uns auch so lange nicht mehr gesehen :smiley:

Ja das stimmt :grinning:


In addition to Cassiopheia’s very beautiful night shot of the meeting location, I have three suggestions for meeting cards, which – if you are interested - I can get printed.

Motive No. 1 ) Elphi & Cap San

Motive No. 2) Dusk at the port

Motive No. 3) Townhall nightshot

I have had postcards printed at Rossmann / DM before and I like their quality; but I know that this is not the cheapest option. Soooo:

  • One option is therefore to have the cards printed at Rossmann / DM, for 0,50 € / card.
  • There is also a slightly cheaper option. I’ve had a test print done at a local print shop. Quality is OK, 300g paper perfectly fine for writing and ink stamps, but no shiny glossy print of the picture side. As there is a flat fee per order, costs will vary based on the amount of cards ordered, but will definitely be not more than 0,30 € per card.
Option Printed at Costs per card Sent to you before 28.08. Payment options Deadline for ordering
A Rossmann/DM 0,50 € + postage in advance via PayPal August 10
B Rossmann/DM 0,50 € handover at meeting only! PayPal or cash at the meeting August 18 12:00 noon
C Local Print Shop 0,30 € or less + postage in advance via PayPal August 17 12:00 noon
D Local Print Shop 0,30 € or less handover at meeting only! Paypal or cash at the meeting August 17 12:00 noon

If you’re interested to have some of the cards, please let me know how many of which motive and which printing option you’d like.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all there and of course to being back in Hamburg :blush:


Hello, I’d like to have 10 cards of Motive No. 1 ) Elphi & Cap San.
Please send me the cards before the meeting, so I can prepare them at home. :hugs:

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@KiwiAngie I would like 10 cards of no. 1 and 2 (10 each) at the meeting if possible. Print at local shop would be nicer.

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@KiwiAngie I would like 10 cards of no. 2 and 3 (10 each) in advance, please. I have no preference about the print options, choose the one which is most convenient to you.

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Hello I like to swap for the Nice cards

I have these cards


Hi there, please count me in for the meeting.



I would like to order 20 of your meet-up cards.
Please send them to me beforehand.
Do you need my address? And how can I pay? I don’t use paypal.

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Welcome @kroete68