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The topic here is not a polar bear or a polar owl but the polar national park which is a natural habitat of thousands of polar birds and animals.

The official site mentioned the artist-designer who made this illustration as well as many others. Not a word about photo or photographer.

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Thank you for the clarification, then it’s really an amazingly naturalistic illustration. :pleading_face: :heart_eyes:


Yes! Looks like a photo.
I guess having a professional photographer or paying for the author’s rights adds to the expenses which Russian post either can’t or doesn’t want to carry.

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I sent these maxi cards:

I really like maxi cards … :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hungary:

And I was so lucky to receive one of them! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hello! I received my first maxicard today! Im so happy! Haha
So now im trying to find some to send too.

Does anyone know if we have this in Belgium? (Before i start buying from other countries) or if we have this option to make them ourselves and send for cancellation like in in other countries? I tried google but no luck so far.

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Hello @KDee, i bought some older ones on :blush: greetings from Belgium :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


Does anyone know if we have maxicards in the UK? If so, where can I find them?


You can create maxicards in UK. Ask Ian Billings, from norvic-philatelics.

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I have a question : I have an Antarctic booklet containing 16 photos and 16 stamps with matching pictures. They are not postcards but I would like to send them as postcards (they are a little bigger than usual postcards).

Should I :
• put the stamp on the front and make a maxicard ?
• put the stamp on the back ?

What do you think ?

Thank you for your help !


Unesco Global Geopark Gunung Sewu, Indonesia


Hi Coralie @CoralieR

I would cross check with canada post wether they accept postage on the picture side.
If not you would put it at the normal position on the text side otherwise on the picture side.

The other question is, whether you get a nice postmark on the back, so I would suggest only to do this, if you know a clerk who is willing to put a hand cancel an the stamp.

Best of luck for it


P.S. that’s all assuming the stamps are for canada :slight_smile:

P.P.S : Maxicard definition: Wiki


Hello Ulrich,

They are not Canadian stamps but French Southern and Antarctic Lands stamps in order to receive mail from the Antarctic.


woow, That’s great.
But question therewith stays the same, is a stamp put on the picture side valid as postage;)
So potentially the poste france can give you the needed info then


I’ll ask them ! Thank you, Ulrich !

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Has someone else of the German users made cards about June’s new stamps? :slight_smile:


The hamster! :star_struck:

Seems you’ve been having fun using the Deutsche post service to stamp on request! * tiny bit jealous *


Hi, @CoralieR!
To create maxicards with those TAAF stamps, you need to get postmarks from TAAF, somehow.
Find a partner from TAAF in a polar philately group, or contact French philatelic bureaus.
Stamps on the picture side, of course.

If you use Canadian stamps on the address side, then any stamp on picture side might be disregarded. Treated as just a sticker.
I think Canada Post charges 5 cents for any philatelic postmarking.

It will be tough to contact TAAF, but it would very cool. Unique in the world with that set of 16, even.
Especially if you can get them sent from TAAF as “postcards” without envelope, AFTER they get made into maxicards. Put additional postage on the address side, if instructed so by TAAF Post.
I have a maxicard from TAAF, with seals.

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Thank you for answering me !

It’s very easy to contact TAAF actually and the process is very simple as well so I will send these postcards to my friends very soon.

I do have another question : are stamps okay on glossy paper ?

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