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Have received this cutie from Finland recently :frog:


Recently I have found these beautiful and quite rare maximum cards.


Beautiful maxicards!

Another Swiss maxicard from 1983 is headed off, this one going to Romania.


I often buy maxicards from Liechtenstein, some for swap and some for collection.

Here are my recent recived cards:

This is an embroidered stamp for 2020. It is a stamp made from plastic bottles of marine gabage. I think this is unique and environmentally friendly.

This is a commemorative maxicard for the 300th anniversary of the founding of Liechtenstein. It is said that there is also a deluxe stamp with real gems inlaid on the crown, but it has been out of stock for a long time…


Big maxicard?
Perhaps,it may be.


Republic of China (Taiwan) 2021 Happy Mother’s Day maxicard,


I have a question to those of you who make their own maxicards: Has it ever happened to you that the stamp on the front fell off when you sent them through the mail? It happened to me twice now, even though I used a matte spray to make the card surface more adhereable. :sweat:

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I also had a similar experience. Later I found out that you can use sandpaper to polish the area where the stamp to be pasted, so that the surface of the card becomes rough, and then apply the stamp and the stamp will not fall off easily.:wink:



Talking about Maxicards, tried to make my own one with Tiananmen on the 70th Anniversary of national day of China. Small regret that the postmark of Tiananmen is not a scenery postmark, but still enough to let me cherish it in my collection.

In the meantime also managed to received many beautiful ones on Postcrossing too!


Thank you, I’ll test that on a not so precious card first! :smiley:

@Ari_Wuria great cards!

What a great thread, so much fun to read and look at all the beautiful maxicards! I tried the first time this January to have my own made and this was the result:


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Yes, you can rough up the surface under the stamp, then use a good glue to affix the stamp, after you moisten a bit the back of the stamp. Never use only the glue of the stamp, and never lick that glue.
Saliva might not be enough for a glossy maxicard sent as postcard.

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Ok, thanks for the hint! I’m a bit confused though, somewhere else on the forum it was said to never use glue on stamps, as it’ll destroy them over time. Did you have that experience or did you maybe use glue that’s not so aggressive to the stamp paper? :thinking:

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Don’t use Crazy Glue, Super Glue, Rubber Cement, etc.
Just school-grade glue for paper (like Elmer’s), on the de-glossed patch of postcard.
I never had a stamp ruined by glue, on postcards.

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Since my boyfriend uses sandpaper and different glues for crafting anyway, I’ll try to use some of his supplies! I’m planning to do cards about our ibex stamp next month and ordered way too many ibex cards. I think these will be a very good sample to test things on. Will report about it here. :raised_hands:t2:

Edit: Another of my selfmade ones arrived and I think it’s very aestetically pleasing, probably my best one so far.


Canada and the US do not issue official maxi-cards so I like to create my own, though life got busy so I haven’t kept up with the latest stamp issues in a while. It can be time consuming to find a matching design, order the postcards, and send them off to the philatelic centre for the FDOI postmark. Some examples I’ve created and sent through Postcrossing:


Wow, these are amazing! I didn’t know there were pictorial cancellations in the US at all!


Thanks! They’re announced every two weeks in the postal bulletin. Click on Stamp Services, and click the next arrows to see the stamp announcements and available cancellations.