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I’m not sure whether to put this topic in the postcard or stamps section… maxicards are bit of both!

The Portuguese Post sometimes has them for sale, but they tend to be rather boring, the image on the postcard often just a copy of the stamp. :weary: I haven’t tried to make my own yet, as the special cancellation marks are hard to come by in Portugal.

Have you received any lately? Do you make your own? Does your post office sell them? Tell us about it!


The Australian post office makes one for each stamp release. They’re always pre-paid for worldwide posting, but usually cost much less than an international stamp. So lots of Aussie postcrossers send them.

I’ve always wondered how the maxicard lovers feel about receiving these post office made cards.


I’ve noticed this and even received a few over the years from Australia — I think they’re fantastic! To me it always feels like a treat to fish one of those from the mailbox.


Indonesia Post Office doesn’t issue official maxicard.
When they issue the new stamps, sometimes they also issue postcards matching the stamps.
All we have to do is buy the postcards and the stamps, then ask for special cancellation in philatelic office to make the maxicard.


I like maxicards too! but so far I have only received this one:

I didn’t know this. If I was in Australia I’d use that a lot too!

I have made these two recently, but I’m not sure they count since I made them with used stamps and no special cancellation marks:

They feature stamps designed by the artist Mads Stage, comparing his late-stage sketches with the final stamps.


From PC Official I received this wonderful Australian football maxicard

I also received 3 maxicards in envelope from Finland


I believe that serious philatelists have some very strict rules about what is and what isn’t a maxicard, which is why I wondered if people like the post office ones. But unless you want to display your maxicards at an official competition (I found some rules here), I think we can all just like what we like! Yours are beautiful.

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maxicards :heart_eyes:

i received recently this one from portugal (photography museum, in madeira) which is really great :heart:

in finland we have maxicards issued max. once a year …i wish there were more (as well as special postmarks which are getting more and more rare) :frowning_face: our maxicards usually require additional stamp for mailing too :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

this set from 2015 (summer feelings) for example


Ooh! That cat one! I am coveting that now.

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I love the Australian maxicards (well, of course not every picture… but in general)

German Post issues several Maxicards throughout the year. But you can’t buy only one*, you need to subscribe and then you’ll get every maxicard that is issued. I received 4 this year. You don’t know the price beforehand or which will be issued (correct me, if I’m wrong). Maxicards are rather expensive here (more expensive than a normal postcard + the stamp), and they aren’t pre-paid, so you have to pay the normal postage fee on top. The stamp on the front doesn’t count towards it.

* you can buy them individually on special occasions, but then you will need to visit that specific spot. There’s no possibility in ordering them online or throughout the country on that day.

I can’t find my latest order, but these are two examples:

On the other hand it’s very easy to compose your own maxicard. We have a special cancellation for each newly issued stamp (often we have two different cancellations for 1 stamp) and we can just order them per mail (we send our mail that should get the cancellation to the philately and either receive it back or - when it’s already addressed - they will send it directly). I’ve never done it though :wink:


I wouldn’t count them as maxicard, because of the missing matching cancellation. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t lovely :slight_smile:


I was told the price when I subscribed for them. “Ca. six different maxicards per year will be issued and each one costs 2 €”. The same told me a friend who ordered them years before when I asked the first time how to get them (about 1 year before I finally did my own order).
You’ll be informed automatically by Deutsche Post when they increase the price.

These are the latest, issued in July:


Thank you. I was remembering something like: when higher value stamps are used the cards might be more expensive. But really, I don’t know where I might have read that. So, thank you :slight_smile:

I bought recently lot of official maxicards (I don’t know how many there is, but well over 100). The price was really cheap as those were all very old ones (mostly from 70s, 80s…) and there were duplicates included. I don’t collect them myself, but thought I get some good cards to send with cheaper price. For my delight, most of the cards I got are in good condition, good for use, and now just waiting for the right profile to show up :slight_smile:

Only negative was that there wasn’t many Swedish ones, but so far nobody has complained about receiving maxicard of other country so I guess it is okay.

So far that I know, Swedish post office doesn’t issue maxi cards anymore. At least there hasn’t been any available on their web shop (FDCs they do have there). I am not sure if they make them at the first day meetings.

I have so far received only this one maxicard from postcrossing IN-382809 and few of the ones I bought were exactly my taste so I kept them for myself.


I just learned through this topic that Deutsche Post is still issueing maxicards… I’m on a hunt now, haha.
Since I first learned about maxicards through Postcrossing, I’ve been in love with them! I received many nice ones over the years and I especially love the Australian ones. :heart_eyes:
I also bought some older ones on Ebay and send them out via Postcrossing. Many people seem to like them.


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In Taiwan, our post office rarely issue pre-cancelled maximum cards. If they do, most of them look like the following :

( image origin )
They mostly come with a date postmark from the origin. For example, these porcelains are treasured in National Palace Museum, and the date postmark on them were cancelled by the post office in the museum with the post office name on it.

Sometimes the post office will have maximum cards ( without cancellations ) as by-issues when they have new stamps. Also, on the stamp issue day, there will be some temporary post offices (TPO) which offer matching theme pictorial postmarks. In this way, we can make some maximum cards by having them cancelled in the TPO. Here are some showing post office issued maximum cards with stamps cancelled in TPO :

Apart from the maximum cards issued by the post office, there are much more cards designed and made by stamp/postcard collectors or postcard publishers. It’s also a great choice to buy postcards from them and make them into maximum cards. Here are some I have :

For personal interest, I also love making some not so formal maximum cards. Just think it’s so much fun matching the stamp, the picture of the card, and the postmark together on a small piece of paper.

If there is a TPO offer a postmark related to old buildings in my city, I always try to see if I can get a reprinted B&W old card and related theme stamp to fit the postmark.

Also, as a postal theme lover, I sometimes design cards myself when the post office issues post-related stamps/postmarks.

And it’s also fun to fit the postcard, the stamp, and the postmark just in any way we like. ( though it will be not a so-called maximum card, since there are strict rules for them. : - P )

I love maximum cards so much, especially those with interesting and creative designs ( like the 2015 summer feelings set which mingshu shared earlier ! ) No matter it is a formal one or not, it’s always interesting to admire how the card, the postmark, and the stamp fit in their own unique way ! :heart:


@shui These are all so lovely — I really like people using the cancellation marks and postcards/stamps creatively!

We count ourselves lucky to have been the recipients of that pangolin postcard — it felt really special. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I still have one left from the latest ones with the tram car. If you want it just drop me a note with your address :slight_smile:

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Officially I have received a few maxicards:

This doesn’t have an especially designed postmark, but I like frogs :frog: :

This one is a selfmade maxicard and I love it! :two_hearts: I like the picture, the stamp, the postmark… and the textside was so decorative too!:

Years ago Posti’s online shop used to send maxicards for its customers as Xmas greetings. That was terrific! I haven’t seen any maxicards sold there lately, even if they claim to issue some once a year. (There are FDCs, though). I have some older Finnish ones, like this one:

I got some Australian Alphabet maxicards from a friend and I just had to get the Postcrossing maxicard from Åland, as it is so beautiful!