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Unfortunately, maxi cards are no longer issued in the Netherlands (only on a very small scale by some hobbyists) and there are no more post offices either (only service points in other shops) which makes it impossible to get a cancellation as well.

My Dutch sent maxi cards are all from the ‘80s like this one:

I’ve also sent several from other countries like these:


August maxicards, Fuggerei Augsburg

and historic tractors, Porsche Diesel Master

I found the tractor card by coincident and it fits so surprisingly well to the stamp!


On August 24, new stamps “Heroes of our Time” on the medical topic were released in Russia.


I’m loving seeing all the beautiful maxicards here! This is one I sent out today.


I thought MAXI card was any postcard that’s larger than the standard 4x6 postcard… do they have to have stamps on them? Oh, I feel so silly :woman_facepalming:t2:

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@niki5 don’t feel silly, we’ve all been there! Probably only philatelists know about this before starting Postcrossing.

This is a list of all these miracle words I didn’t know a year ago!

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New MC from Czech Republic


I would also a maxi card send only in envelope if the recipient requests it.

I received more than 100 of them so far and sent along also about 100. Neither I received one without the stamp nor any of the recipient told me about a lost stamp or an additional postmark.
Scars and any other “wounds” are normal and belong to traveling postcards.

I am way more dissappointed about a card sent in envelope (except: filigree handmade cards) than about a card with scars etc. And I know I’m not the only one.

Edit: I’m not sure if it’s true but I was told that sorting machines are able to “recognize” such special cards. It makes sense as I think there would be way more rumour about additional postmarks or lost / destroyed stamps.


Recently I received a nice card, with two enlarged Danish stamps of a composer and a choreographer. Also the two issued stamps were places and canceled. So a maximum card.

I knew nothing about either of them. Jacob Gade turned out to be a violinist and a composer. His most famous composition Jealousy is a Tango that I recognized from when I danced the Tango myself. And I thought that was an Argentinian; turns out to be a Dane! Video

A. Bournonville appears to have died in the year Jacob Gade was born. Hence, this issue in 1979. Canceled on May 22, 1981 on the occasion of the International Stamp Exhibition in Vienna, WIPA 1981.

And all shipped from Lithuania in 2021!



Today, I have received this amazing maxicard. I am so happy. I love sealife and it is a very nice illustration.


Thank you all, I get it. Though it’s not an official Maxicard, the related stamp makes it more interesting. And this topic really helps.Maxicards chat
I created a customized goat postcard for the winner of my lottery, and happened to find a goat-related used stamp in my collection.

So I attached the stamp on the front, then a problem came to my mind: Is this a sort of Maximum Cards?

I’m a newbie to postcrossing, not very clear about the definition of Maximum Cards, so please forgive me if there is anything wrong.


It is a beautiful unofficial maximum card. Well made. Bravo.

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I think no, because of this is not a real stamp.

Great combination!

I’m not an expert in this question, but maybe this topic will heip you:
Maxicards chat

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Well, it is a real stamp, but a used one.

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Thank you for saying that! I think call it an unofficial maximum card is suitable.

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Thanks, I’ll read it.


for a maximum the matching cancellation is missing, but it doesn’t matter, it’s an interesting self-made postcard


You can create your cancellation. And that’s it.

I really love it too, it is nice made and the stamp and card picture fit well in theme. But I agree a full postmark (best if it fits the theme of the card too) is missing to make it a real Maximum card - so I won’t call it a Maximum card, but still very beautiful!