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Thank you! I usually think that it’s clear that I want them to stamp it on the lighter background, but oh well. Maybe they didn’t want to destroy the silhouette. If it’s unclear next time, I’ll do that too!

Btw I love your selfmade maxicards, they’re awesome!


G’day / Yuuma -

Wow- far as I knew the maxicards we get are whatever the Australia Post Overlords come up with. So most of the time they’re a domestic stamp release but the only way to send them overseas is on a maxicard.

The Stamp Bulletin put out a few times a year tells collectors what’s available but that is so broad it’s hilarious for a non collector. (Coins? Isn’t that what the Mint is for?? And yes the post and mint collaborate…)

I’ve sent a postcard to the head of the section responsible (guy that signs the foreword to the bulletin) asking for more maxicards and also advising how many countries are putting out postcrossing stamps. No clue how that will be received :joy:

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I made maxicards for our new thunderstorm stamp too:

Edit: The other motives of this series:

More motives are on the way!


Wow :heart_eyes: I’m jealous of your collection!

How much postage is required for a regular Maxi card? (is it 5x7 instead of 4x6?) Are your maxi cards non-standard-shaped as well?

I’ve never sent one out, so was wondering…

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Received this beauty recently :butterfly:


I was lucky to find 3 new maxicards dedicated to postcrossing today at postoffice near my home :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hi @helent I had wondered about this. I have stamps that match some postcards but I have no way of making the cancellation match as well. So, is it still a maxicard if the postcard and stamps just match?

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You need the postmark to match or it’s not a maxicard, but that said, it’s not like I have ever examined the postmark to determine how relevant it is!

I’ve never actually made a maxicard. I found out from our post office that they will only use the special pictorial postmarks on the matching stamp issues they relate to. That took the wind out of my sails.

Leaving aside special postmarks, you can look for a post office that has a relevance to the subject of your card (birthplace of the person, place an event happened), or has a representative name (Botany in NSW for anything with a flower or plant, Cork in Ireland for wine!).


Hey yesterday I got my first card from the German post. But today I got some too. I got these Beethoven cards 8times but I only need to pay one. Is that normal at the beginning?


No, it’s not, I guess they made a mistake. And it’s Beethoven. :smiley:


In the UK Royal Mail don’t actively produce Maxicards for sale, however with new stamp issues, they release a set of matching postcards called Post-Office Headquarter (PHQ) cards.

Where you can then submit (matching) stamps on the Pictorial side for postmarking (with First Day of Issue or related sponsored postmark) at one of the special handstamp centres across the UK.

I’ve been obtaining special Postmarks for a few years now, but this was my first attempt of making my own maxicards and experimented with the Paul McCartney stamp issue back in May and then the Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh in Memoriam issue.

Some older issues of Northern Ireland and Sports I found on Ebay.

Guernsey Postcrossing maxicards with ‘Guernsey Philatelic Bureau’ postmark

*Please Note the above Maxicards are not available for swaps or trades


Other style of Maxicard produced (personally for/by the individual) by Royal Mail with a definitive stamp and sponsored postmark.


Thanks for sharing this. They all look really good!

I’d love to try making some maxicards myself. If I was to buy the PHQ cards and the matching stamps, and attach the stamps to the front of the cards, what do I have to do to get the matching postmark? You mentioned about the special handstamp centres but I’m not sure how these work.

Also, do I then need to affix additional stamps to the reverse of the maxicard in order to send it?

It’s a shame Royal Mail don’t issue maxicards themselves as it would make it a lot easier :sweat_smile:


This is the result:

I think the postmark design is just soo cute with the little whiskers and fur structure. :pleading_face:

I’m starting to have more maxicards than people who want to receive them. xD


Soooo cute! I hope my otter card will come back soon! The only pity is Deutsche Post seal in blue now, sometimes it doesn’t look very clear :cry:

Here’s the annual animal 2019 :arrow_down:


For maxicards in UK, ask Ian Billings at norvic-philatelics, the #1 expert in British maximaphily.

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For any question or discussion about maxicards, see my Facebook group “Maximaphily, traditional and non-traditional”. Over 1,800 members from 6 continents.
I also promote postcrossing in my Facebook group.

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First of all, your nail game is strong! :nail_care:t2:
And super cute deer card, I wish I had discovered maxicards sooner. :pleading_face:
The blue postmarks are really pretty unfortunate for making maxicards. Harder to spot at times.


On Monday, August 2, new stamps with trains were issued in Russia: the Ruskeala express train and a train with 2-storey cars.

For those who will be looking for these cartmaximums - I made them myself, they are not sold anywhere:)


Look at this awesome maxicard I received today from @reoreo !