:postcard: Mail Suspension Alerts

Moldávia blocked to receive all mail from Brazil on May 23rd.

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Postal Monitor was updated for:
Australia, Belarus, Brazil, Cyprus, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Ireland, Korea (South), Malaysia, Netherlands, Peru, South Africa, Sweden.


An Post have given me another update that Ireland is sending to the Cook Islands, Falkland Islands and Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha.

Postal Monitor was updated for:

Hi, @lucky2002. An Post had done a major update on the list on their website recently (maybe because you contacted them? :wink: )
Falkland Is. and St.Helena were in the new updates, but not the Cook islnads.
Thank you for the report!

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Postal Monitor was updated for:
Ireland, Moldova, Philippines, Slovakia.

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Postal Monitor was updated for:
Dominican Republic, Mexico, Paraguay

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New update from Emirates post office

From their official Instagram page:



Can I ask what was changed for the Philippines? Canada is actually fine. Post office told me that it is fine and I did sent there and it wad received.

As you probably noticed Philippine Post re-designed their website recently and posted this information.

More than half of US states are suspended temporarily.

Russia resumes sending international posts to Argentina and Nigeria. https://www.pochta.ru/support/no-mail-exchange


That’s outdated now. Here’s the new memo. The website can be slow on updating.


OK, I removed Philippines → USA.
The website’s suspension list is dated May 10th and the memo is stamped on May 6th, I thought the website info was the latest.

Postal Monitor was updated for:
Thank you!

Hello! This is the updated list for BRUNEI (taken from the Brunei Post Office Official Instagram account @post_brunei). Updates as of 1 June 2022.


Postal Monitor was updated for:
Brunei, Estonia, Germany, Paraguay, Portugal.

@rohana thank you for the post!
@Stasyan117 it will be updated later, thanks for the report.

I have some information regarding the source for the postal monitor for Indonesia, which is in this link: https://booking.posindonesia.co.id/posint/

I sent an email to the contact center of Pos Indonesia to ask whether the information about outgoing mail services in that link applies to stamped mails or not, and apparently according to them it doesn’t. They told me that there are no suspensions for outgoing mail service for stamped mails. Screenshot for the email thread is attached in this reply, although I can’t attach the screenshot of the translation since I’m a new user.

first translation

second translation

Hi @anon79871170 — welcome to the Postcrossing Forum! :wave:

I’m not sure what you mean with stamped mails as normally that’s the case with every kind of mail, so I suspect I’m missing some important detail.

Maybe @catchycat can provide some insight into this?

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Hello @anon79871170 Zahra, welcome to the forum

The information given from Pos Indonesia CS unfortunately, is often unclear (both in post office and in social media, e-mail) :laughing:

It’s actually false if I use this reference from Pos Indonesia site : Pos Indonesia

If you follow the link above, you will see that for Pos Udara Internasional/ Pos Udara LN service, stamps are needed. And Pos Udara service is the main service used for sending mails and letters abroad

If you look back into postal monitor for Indonesia, the service (Pos Udara LN) is still closed to many countries. So postcrossing team has done it right


I see, thank you for the input. I guess that is a bit confusing since I just mailed some letters a few days ago and 2 of which were addressed to Jamaica and South Africa but I wasn’t told that I couldn’t send them to those countries