:postcard: Mail Suspension Alerts

@chieusa can you please update for the US Virgin Islands as well? They don’t have a distribution center, so all their mail gets processed here.

But India Post has suspended the Air Letter Mails to USA for time being. Postcards from many parts of the country are dispatched via Air Mail only. We request you to kindly consider it once more as we do not want our cards to get lost / not delivered.

:thinking: true, I thought for official postcrossing cards only airmail service (usually used to send mails) is allowed

Hello @Chieusa!

Thank you for all you are doing! I recognize that this has become a monumental task in this season. It’s probably not at all what you expected when you signed up for the responsibility. Please know that your hours of effort are noticed and appreciated.

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USPS updated their International Mail Service Suspensions list today. This list now includes Russia and includes First Class Mail International service


Postal Monitor was updated for:
Canada, Puerto Rico, USA (Puerto Rico & USA updates are for African destinations. Not Ukraine-related)

Hi, @shootingstar7 .
Thank you for bringing up your concerns.
We did think about and look into US Virgin islands. But USA-Belarus is still a preventive block and is not quite official (yet?), besides, we don’t have an active member over there.

@Dandy1307 Postal (and cargo) routes are not simple two-ways between two countries. Even for airmail, there are what-is-called relay countries. With Covid-19 and now with the situation in and around Ukraine, many countries are reducing more and more air mail capacity because flights are more scarce and become longer due to detour routes, which raises the fuel cost. This is not a normal time.

Paulo and Ana have been monitoring and analyzing Postcrossing mail deliveries for years. And when a number of anomalies are detected, I’m sure they’d take necessary actions.
For example, Postal Monitor sets a different rule for Japan because the data has shown their sea mail deliveries fail too often.
Though we do our best to monitor postal services, please understand that mail delays are expected everywhere these days, whether you send by air or by sea. And nobody, even postal agencies, can’t tell which routes would work the best, and if the same route will be working the following week…

@DaisyDekker and everyone, thank you so much for your kind thoughts :heart:
But I am just helping a part of the surface work. The foundation, main work, technology, creative ideas and community of love and friendship are all due to the wonderful mighty super duo, Paulo & Ana :clap: :clap:

@pmunz The official confirmation, finally. Thank you.


I’ve noticed from IndiaPost’s Twitter page that they do send mail by sea when flights aren’t available.
Last December when there was a disruption in flights to the US, mail was being dispatched by sea.

I had a Postcrossing letter to Russia returned by the Japanese post. Service is suspended to Russia at this time.

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I wasn’t sure about posting here but maybe I should. Correos de El Salvador announced on their website that they are not delivering packages to Belize, Belgium and Cuba.

On their official Facebook they announced the same for Belize, Cuba, Honduras and Venezuela.

When I went to the postal office today, they confirmed to me that the suspension includes letters and postcards.

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Correct, moreover these are express services for parcels (not letters/postcards).

Today I contacted Israel Post :israel: through their official Facebook page, to make sure that the information in our Postal Monitor is correct and up-to-date (I found contradicting details on their website, e.g. between the English and Hebrew version of their Price Calculator and apparently outdated info in their messages to the public, so I was a little confused).

This is what they answered me on Messenger (please see screenshots below):

  • Israel Post doesn’t ship to Algeria (Postal Monitor already OK);
  • Israel Post doesn’t ship to Malawi (suspended);
  • Malaysia: only letters and documents can be sent (packages temporarily suspended) - (resumed);
  • New Zealand resumed;
  • no mail service to Trinidad & Tobago (Postal monitor already OK);
  • Samoa suspended only for EMS and EcoPost (so for us resumed).

New total of suspended countries: 43

I hope it’s not too confusing, I also added the information we already have because I consider their answer to be an “official” confirmation.

Thank you.


Russian Post suspends the acceptance of international shipments to Cuba due to the inability to deliver to this country.



Postal Monitor is updated for:
El Salvador, Israel, Maldives, Russia, Sweden.

@Blackthornhiei Yes, that is the kind of information we’d like to see. Thank you!
Their Facebook post is from March 3rd, but I don’t know when their website information was posted, I sent them a message to verify their services to Belgium plus countries Afghanistan, Ecuador, Russia.

@fmstrada Thank you for the detailed report as usual!

@Ksevernaya Thank you for posting the image too.

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Thank you @Chieusa

We are contacting CTT and will update the list accordingly when we hear from them.

for your reply.

Do they usually respond to your enquires? If so, I’m glad they do and let us know the answer.

Best regards and congrats for all the work!

Postal Monitor is updated for:
Estonia, Ireland, Latvia.

@Tigeleiro Paulo & Ana had contacted CTT, since it’s local for them.

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Hello, Switzerland doesn’t say it’s not allowing post to Ukraine! It just says urgent is not available. Would be great if this could be changed ASAP!

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Looks like this isn’t here yet (updated information):
mainly about delays to Asia (Russia also) but also about suspension to Taiwan which I didn’t know about until now, but looks like the mail to Taiwan will be back next week, so I can’t tell if it’s reasonable to make any changes to giving addresses?

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Deutsche Post cannot send mail to Donezkh region, Luhansk oblast, Crimea peninsula and to the Ukrainian postcode regions 83000 - 87000 and 91000 - 99000.

Postal Monitor is updated for:
Åland, Finland, Switzerland.

@RalfH As it’s mentioned in the first post, Postal Monitor deals with country-to-country suspensions, not postcode-specific suspensions.
Situations can change rapidly and unexpectedly. It is hard to block certain postcodes.
And if I remember correctly, mail services in Donezkh and Luhansk have been handled by Russia Post for the past several years, but I could be wrong.
I will leave this matter to @Paulo and @meiadeleite

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As @Chieusa mentioned, the Postal Monitor only supports granularity at the country level. To block a region/postal code, we would have to block the whole country. This a limitation that also happens when there are natural issues like storms, floods, etc where mail stops only within a certain region — we can’t block in those cases either. Unless it’s a situation where it’s the vast majority of the country, we don’t act in those.

Supporting a higher level of detail is beyond what we can realistically do by ourselves (ie, without direct cooperation from postal operators) as at the country level it is already complex and riddle with uncertainty, incomplete information or sometimes even contradictory information.