:postcard: Mail Suspension Alerts

I know, but there is a war in that country and the situation is rather turning worse than better. So I wonder if it makes sense to send cards that cannot be delivered anytime soon. But, on the other hand, if they get through, they may spend some hope.

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Postal Monitor has been updated for:
Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Slovakia.

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Portugal and the Vatican are working fine in these days I recibe letters from the Secretary of State by Nunciature in Portugal

Postal Monitor has been updated for:

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We got a reply from CTT, with a list of transit countries through which mail is sent to small islands and other countries that are missing in their page. Since mail to those transit countries is working, we’re going to remove these suspensions. Hurray!


Thank you very much @meiadeleite !

Any chance you can share with me the CTT reply?

Also I’d also like to add what I find on CTT webpage:

28/02/2022 - Ucrânia
Devido aos mais recentes conflitos internacionais, o Operador Postal Ucraniano, Ukrposhta, informa que continua com todos os esforços para prestar o melhor serviço postal, tanto quanto as circunstâncias lhe permite. O operador afirma que, nesta altura, continua a ter capacidade para receber, processar, transportar e distribuir objetos postais. Porém, estes processos poderão estar sujeitos a alguns atrasos, dadas as circunstâncias referidas e a possíveis complicações com ligações internacionais.

Although it’s not impossible to send mail to there, I’m sure there will be a lot of difficulties to it to reach the destinations, any chance to reduce the probability to send to Ukraine?

All the best!

Canada is not sending mail to the Ukraine and returned my card to me. Also, Canada is not sending mail to Russia, but I have drawn two Russian addresses today. Could we update that so that Canadians don’t get these addresses until we are certain that mail is getting through?

Postal Monitor has been updated for:
Portugal, Singapore.

We have added Canada-Russia, Canada-Belarus to Postal Monitor last week.

Canada Post says they are sending to Ukraine, though. I have contacted them for the verification.
FYI: here is the link for Canada Post -Contact Us page.
[Support: Find answers, contact us or report a problem | Canada Post]

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Can you share that list?
Would be interesting to know which flow some mails takes.

Brazil sending mail to Ukraine again, this is valid from March 15th



Airmail from Japan to Belgium, France, Germany and UK will re-open tomorrow, March 18th. :partying_face::tada:
I really want the airmail to Finland and other countries will be able soon🤞


UPDATED MARCH 16, 2022 / Letters and parcels to Taiwan are being shipped again, but there can be delays

UPDATED MARCH 10, 2022 / Letters and parcels to Russia are delayed

UPDATED MARCH 9, 2022 / Letters and parcels to Japan and South Korea will ship normally as of March 14. Deliveries to Taiwan have been suspended for the time being but connections are expected to resume from the beginning of week 12


Postal Monitor has been updated for:
Åland, Finland, Japan.

Here is the reply from Canada Post.
Canada-Ukraine is under an yellow alert (not suspended).
Canada-Ukraine was listed on Postal Monitor between Feb 24 and Mar 3.


Hey ! Yesterday I went to the post office in Tirana (Albania) and they told me that currently they suspended all letter connection with Russia ! :albania:

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On the Postal Monitor only reference is Posta Srpske, and that is just one part of Bosnia-Herzegovina. People from other parts of country can send postcards in more countries. Proper reference for us is BH Posta:

We are a little bit complicate country :slight_smile:

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Hello, I wanted to send a postcard from Slovakia to Belarus today, but they told me it’s not possible. The official website doesn’t say anything about it, so I just wanted to mention it here… (I even tried going to another post office, they rejected as well)

Postal Monitor was updated for:
Albania, Brazil, Russia, Slovakia

@Revemo Welcome to the forum & Thank you for the report. Posta Shqiptare always makes an announcement on their Notification page, but somehow they decided to post a notice on Facebook this time. We added Albania-Russia to Postal Monitor.

@beluga Thank you for your report.
I have 2 questions. Do you happen to know the answers?
At the bottom of the list on Slovenska Posta website, it says:

PRIBUDLO: balíky : Arménsko, Azerbajdžan, Bahrajn, Chile, Kazachstan, Kirgizsko, Mongolsko, Peru, Tadžikistan, Turkménsko, Uzbekistan, Ruská federácia - všetko

VYRADENÉ: žiadne

Vzhľadom na pretrvávajúcu mimoriadnu situáciu a obmedzenia v medzinárodnej preprave, Slovenská pošta, a.s., naďalej neprijíma listové zásielky, balíky a zásielky EMS určené všetkým dotknutým štátom Svetovej poštovej únie, s výnimkou vyššie uvedených krajín.

Does that mean Slovakia Post offers all types of services (mail & parcels) to Russia, and only parcel services are available to Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Chile, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Peru, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan?

Slovakia Post does not accept letters & parcels to all affected countries of the Universal Postal Union, except the countries mentioned above?
I don’t know which countries are “affected countries” (almost all countries are affected)
All countries are suspended except the 12 countries mentioned above?
Am I misunderstanding? (or Google Translate is wrong)?

@Sabina37 As it is said in the first post of this topic, and as Paulo explained, PostCrossing handles country-level suspensions.
It applies to Bosnia Herzegovina also.

For example, these destinations are suspended for Bosnia-Herzegovina, but there are 7 combinations for the information sources.
New Zealand - suspended by BH Posta only.
Indonesia - suspended by Hrvatska Posta only.
Guatemala - suspended by Poste Srpske only.
Vietnam - suspended by BH Posta & Hrvatska Posta, but not by Poste Srpske.
Turkmenistan - suspended by Hrvatska Posta & Poste Srpske, but not by BH Posta.
Taiwan - suspended by BH Posta & Poste Srpske, but not by Hrvatska Posta.
Cayman Island - suspended by all three agencies.

Because Postal Monitor lists one information source per suspension, and above combinations likely change whenever one of the agencies updates their list, it is not too practical for us to change the sources every time.
Poste Sprske is used as more like a “placeholder” (I think Poste Sprske is selected, because their list was updated most recently). I know you’d like to see the source of information for each destination, but it is simplified for the workflow.


@fmstrada Poste Italiane has updated the page — it seems that regular mail to Russia has been resumed and only express/business services remain suspended. Is that your interpretation too?

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Hello. Yesterday I tried to send a couple of postcards from Montenegro to Russia, and the postal workers said that they couldn’t send any mail to Russia. I visited two post offices in Budva and was rejected in both of them.

By the way, why is there no Montenegro on the postal monitor page? :montenegro:

We need a source with a list of destinations that work (or which ones don’t work) so that we can monitor it and update when there are any changes, but we didn’t manage to find such list for Montenegro. Do you know if there’s a list somewhere that we missed? Perhaps somewhere on their website or their social media channels?

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