:postcard: Mail Suspension Alerts

Russia blocked since 08.March.22
No postcard from Brazil to that country.


Belguim has suspended service to belarus and russia

Portugal CTT postal carrier does not accept mail to:
Afghanistan, Belarus, Cayman Islands. Kiribati, Rwanda, Russia and East-Timor.

All other suspensions were lift @paulo .

Postal Monitor was updated for:
Austria, Brazil.

@Fej Please remember to include the source of your information. Thank you.
bpost says “bpost verwerkt nog steeds verzendingen naar Oekraïne en buurlanden. Commerciële zendingen naar Rusland en Wit-Rusland worden opgeschort.” ( bpost still handles shipments to Ukraine and neighboring countries. Commercial shipments to Russia and Belarus are suspended.)
It sounds like personal letters are still sent to Russia and Belarus?

@Tigeleiro Those countries are already added to Postal Monitor.
I don’t see the information all other suspensions (for countries like Bhutan, Eswatini, Iraq, Palestine, Turkmenistan) have been lifred.
Could you provide the URL?

Please update Italy:

Italy suspended international expeditions for Belarus and Ukraina.
And all shipping services for Moldova and Ukraine (where not suspended) are experiencing severe delays.


The suspended services to Belarus/Ukraine seem to be only:

Poste Delivery International Express , Poste Delivery Business International Express e Internazionale Espresso

which are all express/urgent services that usually doesn’t include regular letter post items.


Sure @Chieusa.
Here is the CTT link.
On the bottom of the page there’s a list of all international international destinations. All saying “Sem encaminhamento” are suspended destinations. Those saying “Sim” means that the postal carrier is serving those destinations.

I have 3 postcards that I can’t send at the moment. Two to Russia and one to Belarus. Why do I keep drawing these addresses if there is a suspension alert to these countries?? I’m afraid I can’t continue to draw any more addresses at the moment. :face_exhaling::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:

This is from the USPS site. Since Ukraine isn’t on the list of Postcrossing suspensions, we could still draw Ukraine addresses, right? But it looks from this web page like the mail won’t reach its recipients. Should Postcrossing not give out Ukraine addresses right now? Or if we get a Ukraine address, should we hold off sending the card for now? Advice?

We have been trying to confirm whether the mail suspensions by USPS apply the exact same way for mail sent from Puerto Rico. While we couldn’t obtain an official confirmation, we decided to go ahead and mirror the US suspensions list as the odds are high that they are the same, with international mail being routed via the US.

That said, USPS has not yet published the suspension to Russia/Belarus on their International Service Alerts page.

I think the suspension to RU/BY is likely to be a temporary one (due to the lack of direct flights) while an alternative route is being found, likely through a 3rd party country that can fly there or have a surface connection.

If you haven’t posted those postcards, please hold them for now until the situation is more clear.


I guess so. Deutsche Post is telling about these limitations, too (update from yesterday):

At this time, transport capacities to the US are considerably reduced. In light of this, special measures are required in order to maintain mail and parcel service.


These restrictions also apply to items being sent to Puerto Rico.

Seems we are back to sea routes mostly for mail between America & Europe :zipper_mouth_face:

Postcarding is a Victorian hobby…In Victorian times, transatlantic mail could only go by ship…So we are just being more authentic now😉


The text of the announcement is exactly like this:

تا اطلاع ثانوی ارسال مرسوله به کشورهای کانادا - روسیه مقدور نمیباشد جهت اطلاع به شماره 37173000 داخلی 463 نماس حاصل فرمایید.

I also asked the clerk about sending the postcard. The answer was, "No. “Unfortunately, it is not possible to send anything to these two countries.”


Okay folks, finally the USPS has published an alert! I messaged them again and a screenshot is attached of that conversation as well. We need to keep an eye for Belarus as well (they might post something about BY tomorrow).

Edit: I also asked about the US territories. They recommend that folks in Puerto Rico and other territories confirm with their post offices before sending to Russia. @paulo @shootingstar7


As of today, Russia is listed on USPS International Suspended List.

@sonataca thank you for asking in behalf of the territories. Today I asked the clerk at the post office and advise against sending mail to Russia and Belarus. I will be wait till further notice to mail those 3 cards. Until then, I hope not to draw more addresses from these countries.

I believe this will make the postcrossing database out of whack. When everything goes back to normal we will be mailing postcards to Russia back to back.


Postal Monitor was updated for:
Åland, Finland, Iran, Puerto Rico.

Hi, @Tigeleiro there are some countries and regions that are not included in the list (Bhutan, Eswatini, Iraq, Palestine, Turkmenistan, etc.) We are contacting CTT and will update the list accordingly when we hear from them.

@ARS6161 Thank you so much for visiting the post office again and taking the photo. Typed text really helps us. Appreciated!

USA: The current alerts on the USPS website for Russia and Ukarine are for GXG (Global Express Guaranteed Service) .
What we need to look out for is First-Class Mail International® (FCMI) that is what we use when sending postcards.

Thank you all for your reports :+1:

India post has issued updates on their website https://www.indiapost.gov.in/VAS/Pages/News/IP_10032022_AU.pdf)

Why does the postal monitor still show that India cant send to 115 countries?

Why, though, is there a lack of direct flights between Europe and the US?

As I understand it, this only applies to merchandise shipments sent by private customers, not to letters and postcards?


Hi, @anon72131052
The suspension announcement (PDF) is only for Air Parcel services only.
It says EMS, Letter Mail and ITPS category for Australia will remain operationaI as usual.

As you see in the first post , our suspension list does not include services like parcel, and EMS. We monitor only postcards mailing.
Also we add a country to the list only when both air mail and sea/surface mail are suspended.

Please let us know if there is a different list from India Post. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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