:postcard: Mail Suspension Alerts

They resumed to Iran, Malawi, Venezuela and Zambia (we already took care of it) and also introduced a bunch of assiantura typos. :roll_eyes:

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Poland resumes shipment to: Greenland, Faroe Islands


Greece can now send mail to Armenia, Algeria, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Chile, Georgia, Jordan, Morocco, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan & Saudi Arabia.

(28/05/2021) List of countries that Greece can send mail to (unfortunately I could only find it in Greek).


:white_check_mark: List on the first post was updated June 13, 2021 and June 17, 2021 at 04:44am UTC.

Hello from sunny Canada. We just received a postcard today that was mailed in an envelope. It was sent to Belarus in April 2021. Canada Post has put a sticker on it saying: “Temporary Suspension of Postal Service”. It’s too bad we didn’t know this before…we have already sent 8 of them since December 2020 and none of them have reached their destination.

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There is already another topic about this:

It seems like Canada Post suspended the service without noticing the public - one user called the helpline and they had no information on it…

Off-topic: I would definitely keep this envelope in the state it arrived - it’s an interesting object in postal history.

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Thanks duck2006 :wink: Canada Post is not one of our most reliable government departments unfortunately. But it makes me wonder why we still get “Belarus” when we choose postcards in Postcrossing. Shouldn’t Postcrossing remove that country from Canadian senders!!!


The paper is gone, they said we can deliver to any county now again (before my mail was put in bag to germany, most arrived)

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Some of the suspensions are temporary and others are long-term.
We are always trying to get the latest information from the official postal service websites.
We also contact postal agencies directly (via email, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Telegram, etc.etc.) to ask for their latest suspension list or to request them to update the list on their official site. Sometimes it will take a long time to get a reply, other times they will not respond at all.

A new mail alert from PostNL.
No mail service to/in Lebanon, due to a strike.
Hopefully it won’t last too long…

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lapje, it could be temporary, maybe less than a week. I will keep an eye on that. Thank you for the update :slightly_smiling_face:

Today USA on ‘economic’ way was released to send mail from Brazil. (what makes no sense, but if a postcard has more stamps can travel anyway)
Same link as always.

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Do we have any postcrossers here that understand Korean and can help us make sense of this update?


Are they resuming air mail just for commerce? Or is letter post also included? :thinking:

The latest from the Netherlands.

Israel Post on 24th June 2021 resumed mail to Curaçao.

Thank you!


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Russia can send to Turkmenistan since 29.06


Uodate for Brazil: UK released! (same link, released for standard and economic)


Good day

The South Africa Postal service updated their list of countries once again. Please find attached:


The countries added seems like
UK (They list all the different areas)
South Korea



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Thank you for reporting updates :slight_smile: