[LOTTERY] North American Winner of the Month (NA-WOTM) March 2024

:tada: How to enter:

  • Post in this thread (or send me a private message) that you would like to play, and I’ll send you the winner’s address. Remember, it’s a SURPRISE, so don’t tell them!
  • Choose a postcard to send the winner. (Check their Postcrossing profile for postcards they like.)
  • IMPORTANT: Be sure to clearly write YOUR usernameon the card and include your complete name and your address (a return address label is perfect) so that you can be entered into next month’s drawing.
  • Also write NA WOTM + month & year on the card (NA WOTM March 2024).
  • Mail the card to this month’s winner ASAP once you receive the address, and you’ll be eligible to win if your postcard arrives on or before the last day of the month (March 31, 2024).
  • At the end of the month, this month’s NA WOTM will choose a random card from all eligible cards they received and that person will be the winner for next month.
  • The current winner will also pick a “pseudo-winner", or decoy. This is the person whose address the real winner will be given so that it will remain a surprise to the real winner until the postcards start showing up.
  • You can only win once in a rolling 12-month cycle, but please send a card to the current winner!

Send this month’s winner one postcard for your chance to be the NA Winner of the Month for next month, April 2024!

:tada: GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN! :tada:

Previous Winners:
Feb 2024 - ladybug513 - 19
Jan 2024 - sarahaeyo - 16+1
Dec 2023 - MsKoby - 8+1
Nov 2023 - Annazon - 10+1
Oct 2023 - twinb99 - 11
Sept 2023 - AlohaJoe - 13 + 1
Aug 2023 - TravelWithMe - 11 + 1
July 2023 - MuddyPawPrints - 11
June 2023 - breeze2902 - 12 + 1
May 2023 - sannah82- 18
April 2023 - uconn - 13
March 2023 - Rocky Road Trip - 12

Share the address please

please let me know the address :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Can I have the address please?

address please

Can I have the address please?
Thank you!

Please DM me the address :heart:

May I have the address?

May I have the address, please?

Please send me the address!

Address sent to all of the above!

I’ll take the address please!

Address sent to SharonMI

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May I have the address too?

Address sent to Nisey

I’d like to participate!

Address sent to StephofYorktown

Please send me the address, too!

Address sent to sannah82

I would love the address as well <3