[LOTTERY] North American Winner of the Month (NA-WOTM) February 2024

I’ll take the address please.

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Please send me the address.


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the address of the winner has been sent to those above this post! :two_hearts:

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Please send me the address of the winner

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Address please.

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would love the address of this month’s winner

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the address of the winner has been sent to those above this post! :two_hearts:

I would like the address as well. TY!

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Winner’s address please!

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the address of the winner has been sent to those above this post! :two_hearts:

I’d like the address :blush:

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Whoop! I am NA WOTM February 2024! I am very excited to find extra postcards in my mailbox! I have received cards from:

@Annazon - Thank you very much for the Valentine card and your holiday wishes! A bazillion cards would be awesome! Nice heart stickers and washi, too.

@blubay2021 - Thank you for this excellent view of a lighthouse! Glad to hear you are enjoying Postcrossing! Wish you many more years of wonderful postcards!

@MsKoby - Thank you for the Postcrossing meet-up card! I love going to meet-ups. They are so much fun and it is wonderful to meet other Postcrossers. Kudos for organizing the first meet-up in the state of Kentucky!

@NAMsMommy - Thank you for the cute Peach! I know when our four youngest grandaughters (4, 6, 6 and 8) get together, it is pandemonium! We are bracing ourselves for the teen years.

@Nisey - Thank you for the handmade watercolor incorporating some of my favorite things! A lighthouse, pumpkins, the #13 and pumpkin washi tape! I am the oldest of 5 children. That was a busy household!

@sarahaeyo - Thank you so much for this awesome dragon! I so enjoy cards for Chinese New Year. Thank you for the birthday wishes (I’m still celebrating!) and warm winter wishes, as well. We are expecting a couple of inches of snow Monday night into Tuesday! It was in the 50’s today. Go figure.

@StephofYorktown - Thank you so much for the technical drawing of the Heceta Head Lighthouse! We have climbed a number of lighthouses over the years. The view and the sea breeze is just wonderful. I love that you could stamp the card. The washi tape is too cute!

@uconn - Thank you for this beautiful depiction of “St. Matthew the Evangelist Writing.” I remember our visit to the Morgan Library. Letters from Jane Austen and Beatrix Potter come to mind although I know we saw much more. Beautiful setting for the collections.


Another fantastic card from:

@TravelWithMe - Thank you so much for the Inge Löök Aunties! I so identify with these funny ladies. I only wish I could have even half of their adventures! I very much enjoyed reading your message. Our son has three cats, but I can’t have cats in our house as one of our daughters is highly allergic. She only visits her brother when they can be outdoors!

More cards have arrived from:

@halflingstory – Thank you for the gorgeous Peacock Butterfly and nice postage stamps, too! This is a great addition to my PHQ collection. I’d have to say the prettiest butterfly I’ve ever seen in our area is the Monarch. Great summer visitor!

@LaurenceB – Thank you for the ginormous postcard from Miami Beach! Love the otter washi! A visit to Flamingo Gardens must have been something. I like seeing the flamingos at the Philadelphia Zoo. They are such beautiful birds. It’s a shame the weather was so cold. The temperatures are a real roller coaster with 20 degree differences from morning to night. Florida is usually warm at this time of year. But, kids don’t care!

@twinb99 – Thank you so much for this Jane Austen card from my Favorites! I remember you telling me about looking for copies of P&P as you travel. I still think that is a wonderful idea. Just can’t get enough P&P!

@nhigh – You found a Valentine with a typewriter! What a great card! I love Cavallini cards. They’re so pretty and glittery! Hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day, too! We went to dinner on the 13! Thank you!

@SharonMI – I have to tell you at first glance I thought this was a bear! Living in Pennsylvania with Punxsutawney Phil, our daughters and their now husbands went to Punxsutawney a number of years ago to see Phil prognosticate the weather. They had to get up at 4:00 AM to get a spot at Gobbler’s Knob, it was snowing, the temps were in the teens and their hotel had lost hot water the day before. They froze, had a blast and would do it again in a heartbeat! Josie LOVED the cute polar bears! Thank you so much for thinking of her.


May I get the FEB winner’s address, please? I think I might juuuuust be able to get it sent in time.

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Thank you. Sent. Hopefully it makes it!

One more card arrived today from:

@sannah82 - Thank you for the Autumn view of the countryside in Minnesota complete with cow! It is 44 degrees here today and my crocus are popping up. With the swings in temperature, I’m not sure they’re going to make it :frowning:

That was the last mail delivery!

NA WOTM March 2024 is here: [LOTTERY] North American Winner of the Month (NA-WOTM) March 2024

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The last card arrived in time from:

@Winnie - Thank you for the very happy musical heart! I’m so sorry you had such a rought time getting the address. Your card did arrive in time and was included in the drawing for March. Come play again and I will send you the new winner’s address!

@marupiter - Please forgive me for not acknowledging receipt of your wonderful postcard. My husband was hospitalized during this time and I fell behind in Postcrossing. Your postcard was placed with the other potential winners and was included in the drawing for March. The artwork is just beautiful. How lucky you are to have the opportunity to travel to Japan. I hope you have a fantastic trip!

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@CorinneJKS - Thank you so very much for sending the awesome Year of the Dragon card. Cute penguin ink stamp! I’m sorry you were all so ill. I know how that goes. One gets it and the chain reaction is inevitable! I’m glad all are better now. If you celebrate the holiday, Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

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