✿ LOTTERY ✿ North America Winner of the Month (NA WOTM) ✿ August 2021

✿ LOTTERY :love_letter: ✿ North America Winner of the Month (NA WOTM) ✿ August 2021 :love_letter:

The winner for August 2021 has been randomly chosen, and the NA WOTM lottery is now open! Let’s show them just how awesome summer will be by sending them a postcard!

Send this month’s winner one postcard for your chance to be the NA Winner of the Month for September 2021!

How to enter:

● Post in this thread (or send me a private message) that you would like to play, and I’ll send you the winner’s address. It’s a SURPRISE!

● Choose a postcard to send them. (Check their Postcrossing profile for postcards they like.)

● IMPORTANT: Be sure to clearly write YOUR username on the card and include your complete name and your address (a return address label is perfect).

● Also write NA WOTM + month & year on the card (NA WOTM August 2021).

● Mail the card to this month’s winner, and you’ll be eligible to win if your postcard arrives on or before the last day of the month.

● At the end of the month, this month’s NA WOTM will choose a random card from all eligible cards and that person will be the winner for the next month.

● The current winner will also pick a “pseudo-winner,” or decoy. This is the person whose address the real winner will be given so that it will remain a surprise to the real winner until the postcards start showing up.

● You can only win once in a rolling 12-month cycle, but please send a card to the current winner!


Previous Winners:
July 2021 - sannah82 - 14
June 2021 - yacobschtettle - 13
May 2021 - Ckip - 17
April 2021 - avery27 - 15
March 2021 - jaqueposts - 15
February 2021 – Bethmnie - 13
January 2021 - Beachyblonde - 12
December 2020 - travelingyogibear - 13
November 2020 - MeaganMS - 13
October 2020 - TravelWithMe - 11
September 2020 - Knerq - 9
August 2020 - littleredtamale - 8


Please send me the winner’s address

Pleas send me the winner address

Address please! Thank you~

Please send me the winner’s address so I can send a surprise!

I would like to send a card to the winner :blush:

Please send me the address!

I’ll play again! Please send me the address for this month’s winner :smiley:

Send me the address and I will send the winner a card.

Please send me the address :slight_smile:

Address sent to @uconn, @TravelWithMe, @sleepykitty, @LaurenceB, @cali29, @KristinaGisela, @4kids2pay4, @avery27.

@Glueckspfoten, this is for North America only. Please play in the German community (Lotterie des Monats) or international (WOTM August 2021)).


Winners address please?

Hello! May I have the winner’s address please?

Please send me the address, thank you! :smiley:

Please send me the address for this month’s winner, thanks!

I’d like to play again. Thanks!

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Address sent to @PleiadianDragon, @monsterita, @KatieM, @PostAddy and @twinb99!

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I’d like to have the winner’s address to send a card this month! Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Address sent to @BarbL!

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Please send me the winner’s address