Looking for friendship stories for the blog!

Have you met good friend through Postcrossing? Maybe you were randomly assigned their address, written postcards or letters with them back and forth and then met in real-life and became friends?

We love these heartwarming stories of connection, and would love to share them with the community on the blog!

So if you have a story of making good friends through Postcrossing that could inspire others to reach out and do the same, we invite you to share it. :heart_eyes: Feel free to post it here, or send me a message if you prefer — I look forward to reading them!


There are so many absolutely wonderful people I have met on PostCrossing! Here’s a few (but not all) that have made an impact on me and/or with whom I’ve become great friends.

@annebethp - Such a wonderful person! Her and I met in the forum and immediately hit it off. After one large initial swap of written postcards, she and I have since swapped more written cards than I have with any other member in the forum.
@nekelin - Another awesome swap buddy. I met her when she shared her love of making “Frakencards” and we’ve been friends since. Not only is she wonderful to trade with, but she’s been so helpful to me as I begin running my own RR.
@ForeignCorrespondent - This wonderful man! He helped me place over 200 used cards in a good home and was incredibly gracious in his offer for said cards. I can’t thank him enough.
@CrimsonKing - Lesly and I could probably chat for hours! I met her through a few tags. Everytime we exchange we always seem to have so much more to say and spend a lot of time just sending DMs back and forth like old friends!
@Spriggan - Even though she’s leaving PC and I met her through her thread about leaving, I still consider her a PC friend. She is such a generous soul and has the heart of an angel.

There are just so many people here I could write about. I’ve never had a bad experience and I consider each and every one of you a dear friend!


Back at you, @jewelldelis. How kind of you to take the time to express appreciation and friendship.

With @illun, @Angelthecat, @vvsmurfy , @Schlafmohn I’ve met regular for a little breakfast, walk over flea market and our raclette once a year. Waiting for the raclette in 2021. Corona makes it not possible. Very sad about that. :sleepy: Love the time with the girls.

And I love the cruise I did with @xtlera and @friesendeern. Hope to be back on a cruiseship soon again with that both.


A great friendship I will never miss :heart:


yeah, it’s one of the best things in my life.
our friendship. not only for having fun and a really great time. more important for me are the opinions of my postcrossing mates which I can rely on in every situation I’ve been through. I’m so thankful for having this kind and strong women on my side.
you’re the best @manu86 @Angelthecat @vvsmurfy and @Kampfhamster79


I was randomly assigned to be the recipient of a card from good friend of my husband, then boyfriend. I liked her card a lot, so suggested to send a thank you card. Then after hurray message I read the profile and, seeing some details, asked my husband whether he knows someone of that name.

Then we decided to joke around a bit. I sent couple of cards, revealing tiny details I couldn’t have known. Visited her while she still was oblivious, and even attended her wedding! We still send each other cards and parcels somewhat regularly, being interrupted by having kids and all xD

Not totally fitting the story of friendship through postcrossing though, more one of these magic coincidences

For other - I met the Finnish postcrosser to whom I sent my first direct swap ever. I really enjoyed that, we exchanged little souvenirs. Till now the moomin cup she gave me is the one I use for morning coffee every day.

And somehow Finnish penpal is the only penpal I met in real life so far (not counting the husband of my long term penpal also from Moscow, who was dropping the used baby bed, which they also got from another postcrosser :joy: and after my son outgrew it, I transfer it to - surprise, surprise - next postcrosser, former colleague of mine)


I met so many dear postcrossers in all those years, I can’t sum them up but I
don’t want to miss them in my life.
I am always happy when I can host a postcrosser and if a postcrosser hostes me.
I saw so many countries as I visited meetings.
Without postcrossing I never would have done that!


In the long time I have made many beautiful friendships. First through the exchange of postcards, later also with personal meetings.

With @manu86 I was on a cruise in 2019. A great trip and one of the best times in my life. In September 2020 I visited @manu86 and also @Angelthecat met.

Postcrossing is like a big family to me and enriches my life.


To be honest I cant recall how we connected but for me meeting Eileen (gran10) was great! We traded cards, letters, and gifts for many years but sadly we drifted apart due to life changes and I dont think she is here anymore. But it was super nice for a very long time! I miss hearing from her and hope she is well.