Keeping getting the same countries (sending and receiving)

Wondering how I can request different countries to send list cards to? I’m new to this but the majority of my cards are going to Germany. I have only gotten three other countries and all my other cards are going to Germany? Is this common? I keep wondering if I clicked something I shouldn’t have. I’d just prefer more variety. Any thoughts? Thank you



@ispeak4trees Check your account profile to see if you have the “repeated countries” box checked. If so, then un-check it.


Awe ha, thank you so much :blush: just changed it hoping this will help!


It will help some, but Germany has the 5th largest membership on Postcrossing, so you will draw addresses for there often - the excellent news is mail to & from Germany goes quite quickly, so your numbers of cards received will go up quickly and then your limit on how many cards you can send increases faster too. Plus you’ll get lots of cool cards from Germany.


Yes, I’m always happy about Germany, Netherlands and Finland. OK, that’s nothing exotic, but there vill be receiving in 4-14 days.


My husband recently had received 13 more cards than sent. He doesn’t send many cards, so it was going to take him ages. So he deliberately ticked the frequent countries box to get lots of cards to Germany, and out of that situation quicker.

And of course, each person is different, even if they do all live in Germany.


I’ve been here for a few months now, and most of my cards go to Germany too - as @LC-Canada said they have quite a large membership here on Postcrossing. But you will get other countries as time goes on. Yesterday I got Belarus and Portugal which I believe were both firsts for me!


I think ‘activity of sending’ is the more important factor (as every arrival sends the sender’s adress to the pool to be drawn), and here DE even is number one with 2,3 mio more sent cards than second RU.


I have a problem and I don’t know where to post it:

The thing is I have sent out over 60 postcards now, all (expect for one) either to my own country Germany or to the USA or to Russia.
I really really would like to send out to other countries once in a while, but it never did happen. I am wondering why.
I can see that even people with less cards sent have a much more diversity in their countries.


I’ve moved your post here, since other postcrossers were discussing this same issue earlier this year.

You have the option of several postcards travelling to the same country at the same time ticked in your profile.

That means you will get the members waiting at the top of the address pool irrespective of country.

When you joined Postcrossing that was unticked (default) so you have ticked the option since joining.

Currently we have many active Russian, German and USA members and they are the ones waiting at the top of the pool.

Select Settings (found under your profile picture) and then select Profile. Untick Same countries in your profile (found at Postcrossing options) and don’t forget to save the change with the button at the bottom of the Settings/Profile page.


After years of trial and error I believe I have determined the optimal time to draw address without many repeats…Mind you these are my results but I find if I draw addresses when the “Postcrossing in numbers” shows at least 1000 received in the last hour…this will of course depend on your timezone but with so many addresses being drawn in such a short period it dilutes the address pool…


Try drawing at different days & times. I find drawing on weekends gets me China while early weekday mornings gets me European addresses


Wow, that’s really crazy! :open_mouth:
You should deactivate the repeated countries option (if you have activated it).
And in my experience I get more diverse countries when I draw a bunch of addresses at once instead of one or two now and then.


I’m sending cards from Germany and have repeated country ticked. I observed that during lunch breaks (12-1:30pm), it’s very likely to draw several German address in a row.


That’s normal with repeated countries option ticked on.
I have the same, but for me it’s totally okay because Russia had been quite fast in the past year and the USA again too.


I wish I could send all my cards to USA and save tons of money :smile_cat:


I know what you mean! That’s my list of traveling postcards right now:


I have followed the advice and changed the settings and today I have drawn my first card to Finland- Hurrah!


Hmmmm my idea.
But if you don’t sent at all you safe the most!

Now and then I mail out cards in DE, with ID from NL.
To sent international in DE € 0.95 is cheaper then sending national in NL € 0.96 . Our international is € 1.55 .

@shootingstar7 If you sent repeated do you get a lot USA?

I have sent a lot repeated. DE is quick, RU is good to practise Cyrillic writing. US given often nice over the top profiles.


Hi Angela
I think Germany must be the most prolific post-crossers. I sent and receive more cards from Germany than anywhere else. It would be nice if we could choose but I am not sure you can do that. I love to receive cards from China and Japan especially.