Keep getting postcards from same person


I keep receiving postcards from the same exact person with the same ID number on it. I already registered the first postcard that I got on the first day in May 6 but then I got another one the next day and now I just received the 4th one today.


You could write them a pm & tell them politely they don’t need to send you anymore cards please. Perhaps they’re having some health issues right now and a compassionate approach might help.

You could also let Admin know this is happening too.

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Hey Emma,

I investigated :male_detective: and it seems like he has the habit to send 4 to 6 cards to the same person. So maybe that was the last one. Maybe there will be one or two other ones. If you feel uncomfortable, just send him a nice message to explain just like Lynn said, or just wait that he moves to somebody else. Anyway, I think there is nothing to worry about but I do understand that at first glance, it can be kind of unsettling (‘◉⌓◉’)



I am not sure if it is a habit of his and it does seem unsettling. If it continues maybe contact the admins if you find it truly disturbing

Other users have suggested great things but I just wanted to pop in and mention that I send up to 2 more postcards if I think the first one might be lost. I usually send the second one once it expires along with a pm telling them to look out for it. He might be making up for the first one?

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As he is writing himself on one of those cards: he loves gift giving.
His public PC profile is a little “over sharing” imho … I can see why this is slightly creeping you out. I would really send him a message, thank him for the extra cards, but politely let him know your perspective.

Nope, the first card arrived within five days …

I found out he even sent 7 cards to same member.
I hope Postcrossing will give my address to him :smiley: He has many cards in my wishlist


lucky you!

@chanel480, I unterstand that you’re searching help, but it makes me feel uncomfortable that you posted the written side of the cards here so that it’s very easy to find the person you’re talking about (like @CoralieR promptly did).

I suggest that you keep it more anonymously next time - in my opinion it isn’t right to discuss behaviour of other Postcrossers publicly, without them knowing it. :neutral_face: An alternative way would be to ask the admins about it.

Could you please remove the pictures, and @CoralieR the name of the Postcrosser in question from your posts? Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Sure !

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I’m totally with you because of posting the backside of the cards.
But @chanel480 can’t delete the photo by herself , because it is ever seen in the editing history.
I flag the post now and ask the admins to delete the picture.
That is what the TO and everyone of you can do in such a case - please do it directly if you see something like that .

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If you don’t want that the user send you more cards, you can inform him about that in a friendly way…
However, I suspect that all cards have all already reached you or will arrive in the next few days.

But as yudi said: I would be happy if the user would draw my address and send me more than one card.
I’ve already sent 2 cards to users because I couldn’t decide which card to send.


Will do. Thanks for the hint!

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I, too, hope that very nice and kind Postcrosser will draw my address to send me a card (cards!) to.

Because personally, I love for people to be kind and generous! :heart:

See, this here shows, that even if someone is being nice it is a problem. :roll_eyes: :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :astonished: :cry:

I should probably never send a thank you card then. Just in case it freaks someone out!!!

And, I’m afraid, I didn’t realize it was a problem, that sometimes I got more than one card myself in the past! Maybe I can still worry about it in hindsight! :innocent:


Well, over the years I had a number of experiences that did surprise me, like people sending several cards unsolicited and then expected several cards back from me.
Or once I got 7 cards from different kids of the same class in India, same ID, all sent individually over the course of a week or so. This made me feel bad because they would not receive the same amount of cards back and clearly that school had not really understood the concept. I reached out and offered to send cards for the class, but never received a reply.

So unless the sender clearly communicates their intention of being extra generous, I might wonder as well what was behind it.


I read another forum post about sending multiple cards just for fun. I like this idea as I have so many on hand…today I drew a cat profile (which I love as i am a multi-pet owner) and they mentioned a small human brother so I am sending a card to each of them. I think I may randomly send extras as a way of thinning my pile and expanding the joy!


I would not recommend doing this, and advise extreme caution if you proceed anyway. What seems generous to you may seem like persistent unwanted attention to others. Postcrossers expect one and only one card, except in the aforementioned case that someone re-sends due to potential loss.

Please check profiles to see if users are interested in direct swaps first, then ask permission to send multiple cards.


I don’t agree. Receiving multiple cards is not that uncommon, well most of the times they’re all in one envelope, but that’s not always the case. Until I stumbled into this specific topic I’ve only read (very) positive reactions to it.


Perhaps some members would be uncomfortable receiving an extra card but I think most would be fine with it. I know I appreciate getting a surprise now & then!