Interest in Washington, DC Meetup?


I’m trying to gauge interest in a Washington, DC meetup (either virtual or IRL). Please let me know if you’d be interested in attending a meetup this fall / winter.

If there is interest, I will follow up with location, date, etc.


I would be interested in a DC meetup. I have yet to attend one in DC since I always had conflicts with the dates. I would love it to be in person.

Unfortunately it looks like there are only two of us interested. :frowning:

@breeze2902 - If you do hear of any additional interest, I’d be glad to organize / assist with organization.


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Hello! I would love to go to a Washington DC meetup

Since we’ve had a tiny bit of interest, but not enough to constitute a meetup, please continue to let me know if there is anyone else is interested in a DC area meetup! I know there are other DC area folks out there!

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I might be. I’m in Yorktown, Virginia, so it’s a 2 1/2 hour drive for me, so it would depend on the date.

I would be interested in meeting up!

Hey just wanted to let you all know that I saw a potential DC meetup being planned for July 15! Gauging interest: July 15, 2023, Washington DC Meetup

@raccacoonie thank you for sharing this! I’ll check out the post. :grinning:

Thanks @raccacoonie for letting @evbirch know.

Here is another one just announced.


Thanks for all the information still attending.