Indian Postcrossers 🇮🇳

I had complained and they have told me that all mails are being opened at Foreign post office in. Ahmedabad and they are really not applying Postmark of Passed by customs!

I sent three letters out today; bidar, kanagawa, and moscow. I haven’t sent any picture cards because I don’t know where I can get them and whether they are within my budget. Would members get annoyed if they receive only a postcard with a message about myself, my city? Or is it necessary to send a picture postcard?

So sad to see this :frowning:

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Flipkart & amazon both have some box sets. You can also check with your GPO, they issue picture postcards


You can also buy from here is the list
Recently I bought from Postcardville, Gandhi Ashram, Amazon and IndiaPost


@Anurag Thanks for mentioning IndiaPost

Are you aware of any other local (Offline sources).
Many of the mentioned

have closed down.

Thanks & Have a good weekend :+1:t5:

@jnth for your quick use ( ### Login - ePostOffice:Home

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Mostly for offline I visit Daal Bhawan, ASI stall at Red Fort Delhi, there they have ASI postcards.

If you want to buy box sets also check it on bookswagon, they have price lower than Amazon, search isbn number in bookswagon.

Rajkot Post office have some cuisine set, Andman Beaches set and Himalaya set. You can purchase them by contacting over phone.

Hello All,

One question - for the postcards or stamps one wants to collect for themselves, can they get it stamped only (like not post but just stamped)? Does our PO do that? if yes, what do i need to ask… last time i checked, they refused.

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i think ony philatelic bureau can do that.
@Hemang ?

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May be you’re reffering to cancelling stamps with Postmark and philately bureau do first day Postmarks on them for 6 month of period, and you can take Postmark on stamps (if they are big mini sheet of souvenir sheet) or apply them on any cover or card
And i guess you want to collect them and not to use them for sending cards/covers to postcrossing

Example i found on web,

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…Not sure about “ONLY”, but they definitely do it, sometimes they have special cancellations too, apart from FDC & special cover cancellations

…that’s right :+1:t5: You can get the corresponding cancellation (matching stamp & cancellation) upon pasting the stamp/mini-sheet/souvenir sheet on any suitable cover/card/paper


Thanks for the input, everyone. I googled based on your responses and it is cancellation i am looking for. I will visit PO for this and ask for sure.

Sorry, but i have another question now :pray: - i bought these commerative stamps online and some of them are bigger than usual stamps - is that ok to put them in the center or towards left of the post cards? because some of them are 5rs stamps and i will have to put atleast 2 (10rs + 5rs) for international. Google says that only left side

Appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm and help here. you guys are very kind.

You can paste as you like

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Thanks, i am just waiting for my first postcard to reach … i resumed after 5 years…