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You can make rubber stamp of BY AIR MAIL or write by hand on all mails, I write below stamps-- above address line, so they can see it clearly

An old pic i found in my gallery


For everyone’s reference:



Does anyone know if it would be OK to attach a photo to the reverse of an India Post postcard?

I’m keen to try sending a few as I’ve a large collection of my own photos.


Has anyone tried this?

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just dropping to say here - hellooooo me from kolkata <3

hello, yes i have done myself couple of time, some get damaged due to rain, or else yes you can, just make sure it is still a yellow postcard aka the images shouldn’t cover max portion of the yellow postcard, if it is, then u have to pay/stick 6rs for turning it into a picture postcard. hope his helps :slight_smile:


hello dear <3 :hugs:

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Hello everyone!!!
A small question here…
Does anyone know if the postal rate for sending shaped cards is the same as normal 6*4 cards?? or is there is extra rates???..

Thanks for the insight! :slight_smile:

I am not aware of any extra postage requirements for shaped cards. I have sent many shaped cards with the regular postage rates for postcards. They reached their destination without any issue.


hi, first time user here. i sent my first yellow postcard to germany today, it cost me 35 rupees. i have no idea whether it would reach them or get lost but I am still happy. I want to send many postcards domestically. Would anyone be willing to accept my postcard?

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Welcome @jnth to Postcrossing

its ₹15 for airmail postcard internationally,
for domestic picture postcard its ₹6

Oh no, the lady took 35 rupees from me! Is it ₹15 for any country? Can I send it without an envelope? What stamps should I stick on my card? I am totally new to this. :frowning:

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₹15 flat rate to any country for airmail postcard, you can send it without any envelope.

with envelope there is different charge; here in tarriff section(International Letter)

You can buy stamps from or from nearby postoffice.

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For international Postcards, it’s Only 15rs for AIR MAIL, and 12rs for Surface mail, so your PO people misguided you, but anyways take care from next time:)
And thank you @Anurag for informative reply

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Side Question:
Anyone worried or made with dirty work of customs?
They literally opened and ruined few mails from last month

Ps. Last yellow envelope is from Mumbai, and it arrived fully opened just like my foreign ones, so they started vandalizing our inland mails, too:(


If opened by custom there is a tag present there ‘OPENED BY CUSTOM’, generally at sorting centre some miscreants intend to find treasures (foreign currency) and they open the mail beforehand. Complain regarding this in writing to your postmaster.

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Hello, I just asked the Post office guy and he told me i need 32rs stamps to send printed postcard. I am confused. Please help.


I think he is uninformed, may be quoting for letters.
You can see the tarriffs here International Letter under tarriff section sr no 5.

yes, I visited the post office and queried them about the price. they too were confused because it’s uncommon for them to see international mails. they apologised and told me that they will charge me 15 next time. Thank you.


yes i saw that is why i wasn’t sure. but thank you for confirming! :pray:

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