Indian Postcrossers 🇮🇳

Dear Indian Postcrossers,
Are you interested in connecting and sharing experiences with fellow members of your own country?
Are you interested in doing domestic swap or start a Round Robin or Chain Card?
Are you new to new to Prostcrossing or need help in navigating Indian Postal System?
Let’s make this topic a place where we can all discuss those. Feel free to comment or request whatever you want. Feel free to ask whatever you want. I’m sure many seasoned Indian Postcrossers will be happy to help.
Jai Hind. :india:


I feel like it would be nice to connect with fellow Indian Postcrossers!

Not new to Postcrossing, but I’m having this problem where postcards with regular 12 ₹ postage take soooooo long to reach that I feel like they’re lost :woman_shrugging:t2:, does this happen with others also?


I’m new to Postcrossing. My experience so far has been great. With either ₹12 or ₹15 postage, they reached in pretty reasonable time (within 30 days to Europe in US). I have few postcards travelling, hope I will see the same stats for them.

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So, postage charge is 12Rs. For anywhere in world for AIR MAIL Postcard !
But thing is you have to write “via air mail” on card !
I hadn’t seen blue air mail stickers in PO !
I asked for it, but they didn’t know anything about it !

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I sent my first 5 cards with 12Rs. Stamps , but forgot to write air mail, so they send via sea mail !!
But they reached their destination in 60 days !!
Last one registered on 60th day !!
It was like walking on edge if a knife !
But i am happy))
So tip 1 - write via air mail on every Card !

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You can use 7rs. Stamp ,too !

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You’ve to be very daring to add ₹7 stamp :wink: Sea mail would be very slow, I guess. I use ₹15 because then I get to use pretty commemorative stamps of ₹10 and ₹5 combination.

I’m not sure it is required to write Air Mail or not. Maybe seasoned Postcrossers will know. But I custom made a rubber stamp from Vistaprint and I love using it.

And @Hemang do not worry even your postcard expires, that is just a way for Postcrossing to clear your slot out. Expired cards can still be registered till 1 year.


Non Of my Postcards are Expired yet, that experience had to be done sooner or later !
It’s inevitable !

Nice rubber stamp!
What did it cost?

Sorry if I’m asking more!
I’m curious & now we have platform to discuss india Philately & Postcrossing !

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Inland india printed card price is 6Rs.
But i used 5Rs. Stamp for my friend , & it got delivered !!
So anything still goes in PO

It costs ₹170. Free shipping. Look for Small, Rectangular option.

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I also have sent domestic postcards at ₹5 and they get delivered. I’m not sure I’m underpaying or not. :frowning:

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Postacard rate is only 0.50 Rs. , Then we are paying Over ,
So we aren’t wrong!

Can you find me same link which you bought?
It’s looks interesting

Okay, i got it , i have to design it))

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Hi fellow Postcrosser for your reference I shared.

Present denomination available

I was really excited when I see ₹.25paise stamp of Yoga.

Happy Postcrossing.


I wasn’t even aware of the concept of Air Mail/Sea Mail. I just pasted Rs 15 stamps and put them in the mailbox. They arrived in around 20 days (Europe) and 30 days (USA).


Hey, I trying out the website linked by you. In the design option do I have to type the text and insert the plane icon. Or can I just copy-past the image given by you?

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You can design by yourself and make it unique to you. You can use my design also. It’s up to you.