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That is correct, the stamps issued prior to 1 January 2024 will be invalidated for all mail, including international, after 31 Dec 2024.

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Thank you for your help!

Thank you for the detailed answers and your link. They are very helpful!
I have some extra questions, if this won’t take up your time. I wonder, if an old stamp doesn’t have a word “INDLAND” or “UDLAND” on it, can it still be used to send an international postcard? How about the ones with the word “EUROPA”, can they be used on cards to other destinations than Europe?
Are those old stamps issued many years ago, say 1940s, still valid?
Thank you so much for your advice!

If I remember correctly from a thread elsewhere on the forum, Danish stamps issued after the late 1930’s are still valid. Two years ago while in Denmark I posted my cards with stamps as old as from the 1970’s. If your stamps have a value printed in DKK on them, you have to mix and match them to make up the correct postage.

Yes, old stamps are still valid, you just need to make sure you add enough of them so that they add up to the current postage rate. You should be able to use a Europa stamp to destinations outside Europe, but you’ll need to add additional stamps to reach the correct postage rate

Hello all,

I will be visiting Copenhagen in June, where would the best place to buy stamps, will Postnord counters inside supermarkets such as Fotex sell those 50 DKK stamps?

If they sell stamps, they are supposed to have the 50 DKK stamps.

If you use the link above, you can check which nearby places sell stamps.
Skriv adresse, by eller postnummer = write address, city or postal code
Vælg produkt eller sted = choose product or place. - > “Køb frimærke” = “buy stamp”. (“postkasse” = “mail box”)

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When I was living in Copenhagen I found it extremely hard to find stamp sellers (most counters at shops only had packet services). It has been 8 years since so hopefully it has become easier but if you want to be sure to not end up using a whole day for searching, I recommend to check out PostNord Denmark’s partner Nordfrim. You can buy valid stamps from their site. I am however not familiar about the current customs when buying from EU to UK…

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You can use postnords app or website (search for “Posthus”, I’ve no idea why this isn’t translated) to find places that sell stamps, or go to the central tourist information in Copenhagen :slight_smile:.

Hello friends from Norway, Iceland and Denmark,

I will be on a cruise in July and visit your countries. I am looking forward to it.
I already have some stamps from the countries but I am pretty sure I’ll need more so I would be very happy if you could give me some tips where to find a post office, postbox or stamps near the harbours from
Longyearbyen ( Do you know if there is a possibility to buy stamps on sunday? Can I use Norwegian stamps?)

Thank yoi very much in advance for your help.

This map at the website of Posten is supposed to show you the location of post offices (“Postkontor” - Only found in Longyearbyen and Oslo), postal services in stores (“Post i butikk”, and mail boxes (for outgoing mail - “røde postkasser”) everywhere in Norway, included Svalbard. But I’m not getting it to work…

The post office is closed on Sundays. But Svalbardbutikken (the only grocery store in Longyearbyen) is open on Sundays, appearently from 15:00 to 18:00. They sold stamps (and postcards) back in 2018, and the might still sell them still. I’m guessing that the museums might be open on Sundays, and they might sell stamps.
You have to use Norwegian stamps to mail postcards/letters from Longyearbyen.

Stores that have Postal services do display the Posten logo outside the store. Near the entrance, you’ll see the counter. I’m not sure exactly where to find these stores now, unfortunately.