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I realized we don’t yet have an English corner here for any friends from abroad that would like to ask questions or join the talk. Have something to say? Curious about Scandinavia? Here you can talk and ask in English! :slight_smile:

Also, my apologizes if I am stepping on anybody’s toes by making this topic without asking anybody if we need one…


if could, would you like to tell me some websites or shops that offer maxicards and old stamps in Sweden? I live in Skåne now. :relaxed:
I saw some Swedes sending maxicards that are extremely beautiful, but I don’t know how and where to buy them, which makes me quite upset. So if you have any ideas plz tell me.:3
Otherwise, would anyone from Norway/Sweden/Denmark swap a postcard with me? Can’t believe that, I’ve never received one postcard from these countries!

Sorry that i use english, i can’t speak Swedish… :cry:
Just wanna know where do you buy royal family postcards? Usually i bought postcards in postnord shop or Amazon. Never saw royal family postcards, but really want to get some!



I think the easiest is to look for tourist / souvenir shops or Pressbyrån, they usually have royal family cards too. But as it is not smart to go explore outside into cities now… I have bought some cards from, but it seems like they currently have only this one royal family themed available. They did have some others too earlier, so it might be worth to keep it on eye.

It is sadly very hard to find cards here, and there isn’t many online shops that sells some :confused: Vykortsförlaget seems to be the only actual online site with Swedish cards but I can’t say anything about them. Haven’t used it because their payment and delivery options doesn’t fit me.


Jag vet inte hur det är där du bor, men här i Göteborg har jag tidigare köpt vykort på kungafamiljen på Turistbyrån. Igår såg jag att det var stängt där pga pandemin. Pressbyrån kanske har. Det finns en sida på nätet som säljer vykort bla på kungafamiljen. Jag har beställt där en gång men det var för flera år sedan. Hoppas du hittar några vykort av vår fina kungafamilj!

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I have a set I bought a few years ago, can’t remember exactly where (possibly Drottningholm gift shop?) I sent one card, but would be happy to put the other blank 4 in an envelope for you – believe me, you are the only person who wants Swedish royals from a Canadian postcrosser;-) Maybe you could track down a source from the publisher or photographer printed on the back; anyway send me a msg if you would like these

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@DorH: if you do not find anybody for the Swedish Royal´s cards I would be very interested in them :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
May be you have some wishes to me what I could send you from here (Germany)?
Much love from

Oh, wish I’d known! I sent them all to Wan. Maybe you can get in touch with her after they arrive she’ll send you one

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Hello! I am very interested in the new ‘precious nature’ stamps issued in Sweden. I was looking into buying them directly from Postnord online, and was curious about the ‘collector sheets’ offered by their webstore. Does anyone know if this collector sheet would include the stamps themselves? Or is it just a pretty place to store them and you have to still buy the stamps separately?

Also, if I were to buy the booklet instead, can you tell me what the booklet looks like in person? Would it be suitable to display in a stamp stockbook?

The Swedish version of the shop has more information, and there it says that the collector’s sheet includes non-cancelled stamps placed in plastic pockets, so yes it should have the actual stamps included. However these stamps are all self-adhesive so it is unclear if they have issued different version for this, the stamps are stuck on the paper, or the stamps are cut off the booklet sheet. It would probably be the best idea to contact their customer service to ask about that if you need to know.

It also says that on back there is information of the stamps in Swedish and English, and the sheet is A4 sized, so bit bigger than it looks on screen.

Booklet looks like this and is meant for actual use, so in my opinion it does not look good on collection, but of course that is up to you to decide. I guess it would be possible to carefully cut the stamps off it. I don’t have these exact stamps, but all the booklets looks like this one.


Thank you so much, this is exactly the information I needed to know! I think I will definitely be buying the souvenir sheet then :hugs:

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I buy from Nordfrim sometimes. They are based in Denmark and have some Swedish maxicards for sale, thought mostly it is from other countries. PostNord hasn’t issued official maxicards for a while so it can be tricky to find some. They also sell older stamps, but their mint stamps are over-prized so I would recommend to buy from them only if you want used stamps for collection.

Another good option is Tradera where you can with some luck find stamps and maxicards. Using it requires some training and carefulness because it is auction / independent seller type of site, and it is way too addictive ones you get hold on it, but there is good chance to find nice things. Try search for “sverige maxikort” or “sverige frimärken postfrisk” (postfrisk = mint)

These are all that I know about now, but I can do some googling again after work to see if anything else comes up :slight_smile:

Oh thank you sooo much!!
I tried Tradera before, but as I don’t use Swedish, I never found what I want about stamps and postcards. You really help me a lot.:3

Hi nordic clan :wink:

I am looking for the frogs from Sweden and Aland


I am open to any proposal, just send me a PM

Thanks a lot

Hej… I’m really interested in Norway and the language bokmål. I started learning some, then met someone from sweden. I’ve found these two languages have much in common, so I don’t mind which one it is… (I hope this cannot be seen as an insult :o ) So I’m searching for a norwegian or swedish penpal, to learn something about these countries and get to learn the language better.

Hey , jeg älskar the Scandinavian countries, their nature, their mentality and a little while ago I am learning Swedish, maybe in the future I will have the opportunity to visit some of these countries. Is it true that Swedish is understood in all Scandinavian countries?

The Scandinavian languages are mutually intelligible, but how much each individual understands of the other languages is very variable. But everyone should be able to at least have basic conversations.

Like it was already said, technically yes but it varies a lot how much each person understands. The popular “learn 1, get 3” statement is kinda a myth (also one that I personally find very annoying). To understand all Scandinavian languages you will have to be very familiar with wide selection of words and dialects. So yeah, basic things like having a small talk or ordering food usually goes well, but listening to news can be challenging.

I don’t usually correct anybody if I am not asked, so forgive me (may this be the funny mistake you laugh at later!) but you might wanna say hejdå instead. Dö means “die” so it gives little sinister feeling for the ending (although… what a wonderful way to end a passive-aggressive message left for that neighbor who doesn’t respect laundry room rules)


:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:I am sorry , yes ,I wanted say “goodbye” .My apologies. Regarding learning 1 language, it is used for 3 countries, I imagine they are different as is logical, in Spain itself we have dialects in the north that are not understood in the south, how much more in different countries, but if I read for example that in Finland Swedish It is the second official language, and it also has similarities with Norwegian.
I am very sorry for my mistake, and I hope not to bother with my comment. I repeat, I love your countries. that you have a god kväll (good night)!