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Have you found a Swedish penpal yet, or are you still looking? :slightly_smiling_face:

I just moved to Sweden…
So could someone explain where to get stamps, how much to pay for postcards, letters, how to send packages etc? That would be really great!

Some of questions are already answered on the English thread In English - Visitor's corner

You can PM me if you have more and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible or continue the questions on the English thread I linked.


Hello Denmark! I have found some stamps I bought the last time I visited DK, possibly 2000/2001, that are 4.50kr. They have the Oresund Bridge on them.

I will be visiting Denmark again next month and wonder if they can still be used, and if Danish post offices sell different value stamps to make up the 36kr rate for a postcard?

Thank you for your help!

@80sFan I visited Denmark in June 2021 and had with me Danish stamps issued around early 2000s and early 1980s. They were all eligible for mailing. I remember a Danish postcrosser posting elsewhere on the forum that any stamp issued later 1939 is valid for mailing today.

As to how to buy and combine different stamps, I am sure post office staff can help you. :slight_smile:

Hi all, I have a question about Julpost (Sweden) and their equivalent value. As I understand, you can use the 14kr Julpost stamp for up to 50g inside Sweden.

Does it also mean that you can use 2x Julpost stamp for international mails until 31 December?

No, the postage abroad doesn’t change. You can use the Christmas stamps, but you will have to add 2 SEK stamp to get up to the current 30 SEK postage.


Hei alle sammen!
My name is Claire. I’m a university student living in Illinois, USA. I am looking for one or two pen pals from Scandinavia. I know postage is expensive, but it will be one letter every few months so hopefully, that’s not too much
I’m looking for people preferably 20 or older (I’m 23). I speak A2 Norwegian, plus some other languages.
I love nature, cultures, folk music and dances, languages, and, of course, mail!
Please pm me if you’re interested!
Tusen takk!

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Hi, all!!!
Thank you for providing this visitor’s corner!!!
Will any kind Scandinavian postcrossers still accept other China cards for a postal hug(sent from origin)? Thank you very much!!

Shocking news today for Swedish Postcrossers so I will post this here too.

International postage will be raised to 36 SEK on 1st of January 2024! This means the new postage will be 20% higher and will definitely affect the already small Swedish Postcrossing community :frowning:

For those who are living in Sweden or planning to visit and sending cards: you can buy stamps on current price until 31st of December. Buy stamps marked “brev”, those will always have the value of domestic letter up to 50g and you can use them for international mail too. Currently “brev” stamps are valued 15 SEK and after 1st of January their value will be 18 SEK.

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Even worse for Danish postcrossers: The price per postcard abroad from Denmark will be raised to 50 DKK, equivalent to €6,71. That’s a 72% increase (it was already a mad 36 DKK or €4,83 per postcard).

All stamps from before new years will be invalidated for national mail, but so far not for international mail.


But doesn’t this mean you can’t use old stamps after 2024?

It’s only invalidated for domestic mail

I removed one post, because the same request was written some days ago.

I have a question regarding Norwegian stamps: Do International stamps always have something like Europe/ International written on it? I send some postcards on vacation and those to my family have arrived, but not the ones for Postcrossing. The ones to my family were bigger and had Europe written on it, but the international ones just had a red lighthouse and nothing else. I bought them at 6am on my way to the ferry, so I didn’t think too much about it, but I was wondering if I’ve been given the wrong stamps

If it was this one, they’ve given you the wrong ones. This is for domestic mail.


International stamps say Europa or Verden/Verda.

For the stamps issued during the last years, they have the following text:
Innland = Domestic
Europa = Europe
Verden = World (=outside Europe)

The size of the stamps don’t matter, it’s the text that matters (or the number value if an older stamp).

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Hello! I’m Viva from China. I will visit Denmark for two weeks in June and I really wish to send some postcards to my penfriends there.
However, I saw news earlier this year about PostNord Denmark that confuses me a bit.

First is “PostNord will terminate universal service in Denmark.” This article basically says the enterprise would reform in postal services but this won’t affect mail delivery. I wonder if international postcard sent from Denmark can still reach the destinations, in these days, recently?
(This webpage is all in Chinese, you might need a translater)

Second is “Stamps previously issued by Denmark will no longer be valid”. The article says old stamps (issued before 2024) are no longer valid for domestic mails (because they don’t contain value added tax), but can still be used for international mails. I have a few old Denmark stamps in my collection but I don’t know whether they can be used or not.

(This webpage is all in Chinese, you might need a translater)

I still have some other doubts. What cancellation does Denmark post offices use, postmark, machine printed or self-printed tags?
As I searched on the website of PostNord (Online Porto PostNord: Her kan du købe portokoder og labels online.), it costs 50 DKK for an international letter (weight less than 100 grams). But I didn’t find the cost of postcards. Is the price same as letter?

Looking forward to your suggestions! Thank you very much! (I’ve written too long a passage here LOL)

Yes, the cost is the same for a letter and for a postcard.

Since it says older stamps can be used for international mail, it sounds like the stamps you have should be fine to use.

I don’t know enough about it to answer this question, unfortunately.

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Yes, the old stamps are valid on international mail because there is no VAT added for that.
If you use Postcrossing Travel Mode while visiting Denmark, you will only draw addresses for Postcrossers with addresses outside of Denmark, so you only need international postage, unless you are doing a direct swap with someone in Denmark. HOWEVER, those old stamps will all be invalidated for postage after 31 December 2024, even for international mail.

With regard to the Universal service termination, it is my understanding that this means they will not deliver to every address every day of the week anymore, unless the government subsidizes the cost, because mail volumes are too low to justify it. They may deliver all the mail one day per week or require customers to pick up the mail at the post office if they desire to receive it sooner, or charge higher prices for faster delivery. However, Postnord is still running smoothly and you will be able to mail postcards while visiting, but maybe try to mail them from a Post Office instead of a postbox because they may not be collecting outgoing mail every day.

Linn’s wrote a helpful article about it, but I believe much of the information provided is the same as that in the article you linked. I hope this helps!