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Postage abroad is 30 SEK for postcard / envelope max 50 g or 15 SEK domestic, that would be 2,61 euro for sending a postcard abroad. So yeah, it costs more.

The stamp variety varies a lot depending which store you go to. Some have more to select from, some only have one or two different ones. Usually they sell only the few newest ones, but some might have older ones too. You can use domestic stamps to send international so long you match the postage (so 2 stamps per card right now), which gives more to select from as they only issue 1-2 motifs of international stamps per year.

They do not sell stamps in every grocery store (ICA or Coop usually does). Look for PostNord desk when you come in (they have light blue theme, can’t miss it) or a PostNord sticker at door. Most have a small display showing what stamps they have available. Domestic stamps have text “Brev” on them instead of a monetary value.

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Have fun Pia!

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I’m looking to swap the Norway, Sweden and Denmark Postbox Hug series by the Brazilian one!

If you are interested let me know :slight_smile:

Brazilian Postal Hug.

DM or comment for swaps :brazil:

Serie available for download at: Support Christina & Eng on Ko-fi! :heart:. - Ko-fi :heart: Where creators get support from fans through donations, memberships, shop sales and more! The original ‘Buy Me a Coffee’ Page.

Hello :wave:

I m Helen from The Netherlands.

I m looking for WPD Sweden postal hug card.
Does anyone from Sweden likes to swap with me?

I can offer WPD The Netherlands or cards from my collection.

Greetings Helen

Hello friends! We’ll visit Denmark soon and maybe you could help us. Beside postcrossing we collect stamps from all over the world. Do you have any recommendations where we could get them? Are there shops for philatelists? We will be near Ebeltoft and also plan a trip to Aarhus.

Thanks in advance :blush:

I did visit a friend in Ebeltoft a few years ago, and then I bought stamps at at post office counter in a grocery store. While you’re likely to get the stamps you need to send postcards in Ebeltoft, my guess is that the selection might not be the best there. There’s a chance you have better luck finding a variety in Aarhus. But I don’t know for sure.

PostNord has a Find Us tool at their website

Søg = search
Skriv adresse, by eller postnummer = write address, city or zipcode
Vælg produkt eller sted = choose product or place

Under Vælg produkt eller sted you can choose posthus (post office) or frimærkeforhandler (stamp retailer).

Then you can search for Ebeltoft or Aarhus or another place. You can click on the icons to ge more information.

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Maybe anyone can give me some hints:

I collect postcards with sport events and today I found this one with the finish of the "Vasa "- event in Mora.
But as this postcard was not written there is no stamp and no postmark to have a date.
Can anyone assume from wich year it is?

I found it on a person’s website, he collects stamps and postcards.

It’s W119 in the list.

thank you very much for searching, yes it´s the same postcard.
I don´t speak Swedish, I think the person wants to sell this postcard, but I cant find a comment about the age of the postcard

In the photo’s description it says “W119 FOTO Mora Vasaloppsmålet, fr-74, Gerhards” meaning Mora finish of the Vasa ski race from 1974, and Gerhards is Gerhards Konstförlag (art publisher).

I also found the same card, written and sent in 1977.

I also found a multi-view card including that picture, written and sent 1974.

Oh thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: for all your efforts
1974 sounds very possible and I´ll remark it on my card

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Hi everyone,

I’m trying to organise a meet-up in Copenhagen in early 2024, and given that we last year had people fly in from Norway and Germany, I’d like to extend the invitation far and wide this year.

So come join our thread and help us find the best date (if you’d actually come): Copenhagen meet-up on February 24th, 2024.

You should know, that even if coming to Copenhagen isn’t a significant expense for you, postcards are still 36 DKK a piece to send from Denmark (54 NOK, 56 SEK).

Thank you,


We’ve decided on meeting on the 24th of February.

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Og folk klager på at ting er dyrt her i Norge :rofl: 55 NOK for et frimerke er ganske heftig til og med for nordmenn!

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I am a 40/F in the United States, always fascinated with my ancestors. I have been tracking my family tree and have found a lot of it in southern Sweden – I plan to travel to there when I am able, and am learning Swedish for fun (and to help with communication when I am there).

I’d like to have a Swedish penpal to help work on my Swedish, and learn more about the culture. Would anyone be interested in exchanging letters? :slight_smile:


Have you found a Swedish penpal yet, or are you still looking? :slightly_smiling_face:

I just moved to Sweden…
So could someone explain where to get stamps, how much to pay for postcards, letters, how to send packages etc? That would be really great!

Some of questions are already answered on the English thread In English - Visitor's corner

You can PM me if you have more and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible or continue the questions on the English thread I linked.


Hello Denmark! I have found some stamps I bought the last time I visited DK, possibly 2000/2001, that are 4.50kr. They have the Oresund Bridge on them.

I will be visiting Denmark again next month and wonder if they can still be used, and if Danish post offices sell different value stamps to make up the 36kr rate for a postcard?

Thank you for your help!

@80sFan I visited Denmark in June 2021 and had with me Danish stamps issued around early 2000s and early 1980s. They were all eligible for mailing. I remember a Danish postcrosser posting elsewhere on the forum that any stamp issued later 1939 is valid for mailing today.

As to how to buy and combine different stamps, I am sure post office staff can help you. :slight_smile: