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You can talk English here and you can ask about everything about Turkey .
Stay safe :innocent:


Which mosque in Turkey would you recommend anyone to visit?

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Good morning! I don’t have any questions yet, but thanks for being available, and hello from California. Stay well.


I can give you some extraordinary and colorful mosques to visit Imerit Mosque at Artvin.It is a such a colorful building.I’m sure you like it.And of course there are a lot of historical mosques at Istanbul too.

I want to say Turkish food is extremely tasty!

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Agree. I’m so into Kebab. :grin:


Dear Postcrosser,
I have many beautiful postcards from your country. I would have liked to describe this with a stamp and postmark. Who can or want to help me? I am happy to help with postage or you can choose something in my swap album and I will send it to you with a stamp and postmark. Whether one or xx postcards, everything helps
Thank you

Maybe someone from Turkey can help this person on Twitter? They would like to know who the person on this stamp is:

He is Mustafa Kemal Atatürk,founder of the Turkish Republic.

Ah! I thought it might be him, but I wasn’t sure. Thank you for your quick help!

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Merhaba, everyone!

I am planning to go to Turkey next month. And of course I will be sending postcards ,I want to try the travel mode =) So the questions are 1) How much does it cost to send a card internationally? 2) Where do I buy stamps? Is there an official store where I can buy it online and pick up later? The second question is more relevant to Istanbul I guess. Thank you and Happy Postcrossing!

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Welcome to Turkey,I hope you have great time there.For your questions here’s my answers:
1)Sending postcard internationally is 6.50 Turkish lira.
2)You can buy stamps at or at PTT Museum at Istanbul you can find stamps at some post offices too

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Thank you very much!

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My pleasure.When you come to Istanbul be sure to visit ıslands too.

Hi ! I am in Istanbul right now , the city is AMAZING! I have a quick question though , I went to the main post office , and they told me that I need to pay 18.50 TYR to send a postcard to Russia. In Another place they told me that it is 22 TYR. I am in confusion.

hello dude,

welcome to turkey. unfortunately ptt decided apply new mail price policy on october 11, 2021 and it caused price hikes of about 300%. now sending postcard abroad varies for each country but we do not know why.

first i thought because of currency. then i learned poland and germany almost have the same price. germany uses euro (11 tl) poland uses zloty (2,40 tl) that’s why currency idea was out.

then i thought maybe distance, but then i learned hong kong and other far-east countries have cheaper prices than germany and poland. that’s why the distance idea was out as well.

so. now turkey has the weirdest postcard fee in the world. that’s why most turkish postcrossers (including me) stop sending cards. more info is here


This is a useful topic! I have a related question. I have a layover in the Istanbul airport for a pending trip. I’ve heard that the only airport post office is on the outside of Security. Can anyone tell me if there are mail slots in the departure area inside Security, if you already have stamps? And does anyone know if shops in the airport have postcards of UNESCO WHS sites?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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hello i asked your question to my friend working in airport but she told me there is no mail slot in there. thats why if u want to send your card you should pass through security to reach ptt desk. also, i dont know the answer of 2nd question

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Thanks very much. That’s quite helpful, and a very quick reply!
Happy postcrossing!


Anyone from Turkey who can help me with Turkish postal codes?

I’m trying to validate Turkish addresses in Postcrossing by confirming if they are using a valid postal code. I have downloaded the .xlsx file available at but I’m seeing many addresses using postal codes that don’t seem to be on this file. However, when using Google maps with those post codes it shows a clearly defined area, so they seem to be valid somehow and I must be misunderstanding something.

Is anyone able to confirm whether the .xslx file available at is a complete list of all possible postcodes? Or, if it they are perhaps just prefixes and they may have other combinations beyond those?

Here’s a couple of postal codes that seem to exist but are not on that file: 34396, 06430.

Anyone that can help me make sense of this? :confused: