I Just bought 50 cards on Zazzle so you don’t have to!

I know there’s a lot of questions about zazzle and how legit it is. Then there’s other questions like quality etc. I was intrigued because they do have such a great selection so I went and bought 50 cards and I will post on here of their quality, customer service, shipping time etc to help you make your decision on wether to purchase from Zazzle or not!
Not sponsored I promise! :joy:


I remember reading on the Old Forum that a lot of people didn’t like Zazzle, as receivers, because the size is not regular postcard size, something like that. Something else to watch out for? I think some profiles indicate no Zazzle but you’ll still be able to send them to the others.

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Yeah I read on the old forum as well. But I just couldn’t resist getting some haha. I haven’t come across any profiles with that yet. But even if I do I have plenty of other cards :+1:t2:


I’ve purchased quite a few, some are better than others, but I wouldn’t ever turn my nose up at receiving any. I like the matte cardstock and there are just so many to pick from - even licensed designers.
I get that some people have very specific, curated collections… but I’m still at a stage where every postcard is a joy to find in the mailbox. :woman_shrugging:


Zazzle cards the big problem with them is the lack of quality control. You can get great cards but also blurry cards. There are also copyright issue with stolen art. There are also a alot of artist on there that have high quality products. The other issue beside blurry pictures is the odd size cards


Lots & lots & lots of discussion here:


There are a great many of us who have had no problems with quality control, artistic attribution/licensed designs and the cards printed in North America are 4" X 5.5". I’ve sent close to 300 cards & never had anything but compliments on them.

I like supporting artists’ & photographers’ work & I can use my own photos too.

Plus Zazzle routinely has sales of 50%-60% off PLUS every time you buy even 4 or 5 cards, they send you a coupon for 50% off to be used within 60 days of the original order.

So I can get the price of a card down to 80-85 cents which is great and this affordability allows many of us more ability to participate in Postcrossing.


More than a year ago, I won an auction lot that happened to be Zazzle cards (I did not know that before bidding). Some good looking cards, but I was disappointed, Could never resell/swap them after a few attempts. I ended up giving them away to another PostCrossing member.

When you find a card you want to order on Zazzle, there will be two little pics under the big card pic, and the one you click when placing in your cart will indicate to the printer if you want the picture enlarged which makes for a blurry card or just regular size. The card itself isnt enlarged just the picture. Hence the blur. I didn’t realize this until I had ordered some Zazzle cards and they were out of focus and cut off at the edges, I called customer service, she explained it to me and reordered the cards for me and sent them to me at no cost. I did not have to send back the smeary looking cards she said just to throw them out.
Have no idea why they do it that way. It is not explained at all when ordering.
Very happy with my replaced cards. And no, I’m not a Zazzle rep just thought I would pass on what I learned.


As a receiver, my only issue is that they are not the most durable and often arrive damaged, but I also think I have a particularly rough post office.

Some of the zazzle cards are very good, thicker quality, with nice matte finish. I like these.

But like I wrote in another thread, some are made poorly.
I have one that is almost surely printed so, that some one took a photo of the postcard, and then printed it, stretching it to that size. And also someone has printed a card from their own drawing, but because it was “wrong” size, there are weird borders.

I never write to the sender if I don’t like the card quality. It’s not their fault Zazzle’s quality control is not good enough. And of course, some are really nice.

Size is not a big deal, I get all kinds of sizes regularly. Postallove cards are not the “normal” size for me, nor most of the boxed cards, calendar cards, or cards from postcard books.

To be clear, I’ve never gotten anything but a good quality cards from Zazzle, nor have I sent anything but good quality cards to people & 90% of my responses have been quite positive, so I don’t think it’s a question of people being polite.

And I know I’ve heard the same from many others on Postcrossing.

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Yes, like I wrote, some are really nice and good, like this:

it has that really nice coat (not too glossy), and is sturdy, I simply love this card :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
But then, because some are not, that I mean by not good enough quality control.
Like when I try to order postcard of one of my photo, the printing service here automatically says, the quality isn’t optimal for printing. But I just tried with Zazzle, it says nothing.
(But, I also noticed, the readily chosen writing side looks different, and nice.)
I feel tempted to try Zazzle :grin:

Which one did you chose, though? As far as I understand the choice it’s not about image size , but card stock.

I’m in the U.K. and I think because I’m here my order is printed in Ireland; so I’ll have to see if the sizing is the same

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I chose card stock as it was thicker. I’m not a big fan of the glossy ones because I have few glossy ones from other companies and it feels really thing and like it was just printed on photo paper rather than postcard paper

Borealis, it has been so long since I ordered from Zazzle I just went back and looked, I dont see those little extra pics anymore. But I have gotten several Zazzle cards lately from Postcrossers and they have been very nice.


Behold! Extremely recent feedback!

Okay, I got a small order that I forgot I had placed :upside_down_face::sunglasses:
A handful of the postcards had been printed on the semi-gloss.(I think it was one specific artist’s default setting?)
Anyway, they were great! Seriously very nice. I do love the matte but the semi-gloss gives a very “gift shop purchased” vibe to them, as well!


It’s arrived! Let’s check it out!

I mean I wasn’t aware this was on the back. Not opposed to it but I’ll just have to send it to a nurse or doctor, except I don’t know any…

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