I Just bought 50 cards on Zazzle so you don’t have to!

You can’t really see but this one says trademark Getty images, so I think this has been stolen (unless Getty are making postcards now lol)


Out of the 50 cards I bought, only 1 had obvious copyright issues and only 2 had over the top writing on the back that took up way too much room. So 47 out of 50 appeared to be perfect. So I hope your thoughts and worries about zazzle have been put to rest. I highly recommended them, just be careful and look into what designs you’re buying if you’re worried about copyright issues!
For my U.K. people: there was an offer on so cards were just 72-85p each and postage to the U.K. for 50 cards was FREE (slow shipping / no tracking) or for faster shipping with tracking £6.20


The Getty is also a museum in Los Angeles. I’ve been there and they sell their own postcards in the museum gift shop. If this was printed on Zazzle, I’m pretty sure it’s copyright infringement.

A friend of mine ordered five postcards from there and after a month she gets a message that four postcards they will not send her because some are for legal reasons and some because they are not sending to the country. She did not receive a refund. In the end she paid for five postcards and received one.

merci pour le site je trouve tout de même que les frais de port sont très élevés (pour 24 cartes commandées on me demande pratiquement 10 € de frais de port, je vais chercher un autre site
bonne journée
ps : j’espère que je vais en trouver un

I bought some postcards from Zazzle here in Canada as I was desperate to expand the range of cards I could send.
The cost is not expensive and the cardstock is heavy (good) but the finish is matte (not so good as it can leave the colours looking washed out). I am also baffled as to why the reverse side often doesn’t say anything but “Zazzle” on it. There is more caption information on the website sometimes than is on the card itself! Example. I think this is a design choice that’s left up to the individual artist, but it can leave the card looking unfinished. Of course, I can just write on the additional information, but it is nice to have it printed more professionally, I think.
On the whole, I really like some of the options! But I would buy fewer cards a second time.

Getty Images cards on Zazzle are legitimate. They have an Officially Licensed shopfront there and a huge selection of images:



Zazzle is great…I’ve ordered from them many times and have never had an issue.

I don’t think that the postcard was using an image from the Getty Museum, rather they used an image from Getty Images, which, although from the same Getty family, has nothing to do with the museum. Getty Images is a supplier of stock images, editorial photography, and more. So maybe zazzle didn’t pay for that particular image use? :woman_shrugging:t2:

Same for me. The only thing I like less is their not quite standard size :woman_shrugging:t2: