I can't send to certain countries

Hello! I’m not sure where to put this post. Postcrossing has given me addresses from two countries that my country is not able to mail to… I sent a postcard to the first one (Slovakia) but I’m pretty sure the other person won’t be receiving it any time soon. Just now, I got another address to Poland which I can’t send to either. I haven’t sent the postcard to Poland… Anyway, how can I fix this problem? I’m sad for the address owners because they most probably won’t receive the postcards from me.

edit: it seems like brunei is now able to mail to more countries without me realising. thank you for all the replies, i appreciate them. i have sent the postcards to both slovakia and poland. i hope the recipients will get them soon. :heartpulse:


If there are mail suspensions between your country and another country that aren’t mentioned in the postal monitor, then you can report that in the forum here. Make sure to include an official source (like your postal service’s website).

If the suspension is already listed in the postal monitor, but you got those addresses anyway, then I’d suggest contacting Postcrossing directly so they can look into it.


Check this reply from one of the moderators of the Postal Monitor thread:


It’s not because Brunei Post can’t send it directly it’s completely suspended. They might have another way and there might be some delays but your card will make it. If you are worried about cards not making it… I even received a postcard from Brunei after 2 years to Belgium when their service became available again to my country.


I received a postcard from Brunei recently. It was sent in November 2020 and finally reached me.

I’ve also read that quite a few people from Poland got cards from Brunei in the last few weeks. It looks like the connection has been blocked for a long time and recently been restored.