How many postcards do you keep 'in stock'?

I’ve been stocking up on postcards and was wondering just how many postcards everyone keeps in their ‘inventory’. As it stands I have 170-something with another 100ish on the way.


I try to maintain a stock of at least 200 postcards of different varieties.
As i tend to send around 10 to 15 cards a week. I try to buy at least 80-100 cards a month.


Oh gosh, I think I have around 1000! LOL


Omg that sound incredible. As a newbie and a broke student I would say about 30 or 40


Normally 40 or so, like @mailfromjo. I only have more now because I recently bought a few small sets. I try to make do with what I have already, and sometimes I supplement my stash with handmade cards!

But the holidays are coming, and I have asked for more…:crossed_fingers::innocent:


GOALS! @mere5oh


Looking into the box I keep them in, counting a few and guesstimating from there … maybe 800?


I have lots of cards in my stash. Looking at my online albums and adding the un-scanned piles to it, I would say 5000.


@Cassiopheia HOLY…5000!?


I think I have somewhere around 200 - 300 cards right now. I haven’t actually bought more for months (if Christmas cards are not counted). I stocked up just before my area started to close down for pandemic in early spring, because I knew I would not be able to get to the city for a long time. It was about 500 cards at that point, so I should be all okay few months more.

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I will add, because that is 1. probably a conservative estimate and 2. more cards than I have sent for postcrossing in the entire time I’ve been on the site :rofl: - this isn’t just for postcrossing. I also do a lot of pen-palling and mailing so they get used in a variety of ways.

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I currently have a little over 1000. But aside from Postcrossing, I do send on average ~600 postcards per year of another swap I run so it’s probably enough for the moment. I don’t deliberately buy that many postcards, though. I only buy when I see a sale going on.


I have about 500+ in stock, and my supply never diminishes because I always end up buying more haha.

I have them in different themes, e.g. ballet/dance, cats, animals, space, plants/flowers, just so I can help to fulfil the themes of Postcrossers.


Roughly around 500. Ten times more than I sent in a year. And I cannot stop buying even more :scream: :laughing:


I’m currently pretty much “broke” with only about 50 card left. I normally restock when travelling (I prefer view cards, I normally buy non-view cards for those profiles who don’t like view cards only when I have their addresses from a good store downtown), but this year there was no travelling possible thanks to COVID-19. So now I’m trying to restock online, but view cards (I prefer the major companies, in Germany they are Schöning, Huber, Gorzinski and for Frankfurt am Main Michel & Co.) are very difficult to find online. :frowning_face:

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Probably around 1100-1200 different postcards. And I have some duplicates.


I think I have about 500+ cards but this is mostly because I have two postcard boxes with 100 cards each and a LOT of cards from Harenberg calendars (which have a card for each week of the year and I bought 4 this year and have had one Harenberg calendar at least each year for the past years). So it just starts to accumulate!


I think I have at least 1000 cards of very different variaties. I bought new ones yesterday and also earlier this week after visiting some musea. Just cann’t stop buying cards


i don’t know, i think they’re probably more than 500, kept into a metal box, divided for theme and for postcardpals’ wishes.
i usually buy some postcards more when i visit another town or at a museum’s bookshop.
some months ago i went to the philatelic desk of the post office in another town; after buyin a lot of stamps, i asked for some free postcards and the employee must have been in a giveaway mode because she disappeared in the back office and she came back with a big dusty wooden box full of postcards, then she let me choose without putting a limit.
some postcard were old, others were new, i found flowers, animals, xmas, trains, art, cities, etc; after spending almost an hour in choosing, i gave an half empty box back and i went out with 200-300 postcards :scream:
i think i had some kind of cashback in postcards for what i paid in stamps that day :rofl: :rofl:
now that i can’t travel for covid restrictions and museums are closed, i think i probably bought the last postcard at the start of october and i hope i won’t buy other postcards before 2021 :grinning:


Oh lord… i actually count them… you made me do it! :sweat_smile:
576… where did they come from, who bought them? nobody knows!