How long to you need to write your cards?

There is topic about postcard writing rituals and I read that people invest more or less time in the writing part of the main text.
I found that very fascinating. In this topic we can talk about how you get the ideas for messages on the cards and if this goes easily or not.
This is not to judge people for their writing skills.

For me I always try to write different things on the cards I send.
Sometimes I just tell about my day, which goes fast.
I also write what comes in my mind when I look at a card, this is goes similar fast. In the beginning of my postcrossing experience, it was a harder task,

But other times the reveicer asks for informations about a (view)card or I fell that I should write something about the town the card comes from. So that includes a lot more time and research on my side. Luckily there`s the internet.


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