How can I delete messages?

I can’t find the way to delete messages from my new forum mailbox.
I can put them in Archive. But I can’t delete them at all.
Maybe there is some kind of trick? :slight_smile:

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That is correct, you cannot delete messages.

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You can remove yourself from a conversation though — thus deleting it from your inbox. Underneath the first message in a conversation, there’s a grey box with a “Add or Remove…” button.

Click it and then remove your username from that conversation.


If the other person in the conversation doesn’t notice that you’re removed from the conversation and replies to the message thread, they’ll only message themselves then (assuming it was a conversation between 2 persons). Maybe there should be some kind of warning in such cases? “Message not sent to anyone besides yourself”. Or is there such a warning already?

When you remove yourself from a conversation, there’s a notice about it on that conversation. Something simple like “Ana has left this conversation” I believe, on the last post.


Ok. @meiadeleite, @Cassiopheia, thank you!

What happens to archived messages? Will they be deleted by the system at some time?

No, they are not deleted. As far as I can see, the archive is useful for all messages that you don’t need anymore (completed swaps etc.) so that you don’t have to leave all of them. They are not deleted and if you ever want to go back to them, there’s no stopping you. They’ll bump back to the inbox if someone writes in them again. In the meantime they are out of sight in the archive and don’t clutter your inbox.


thank you, Feuerstuhl. Makes no sense to me at all. There will be millions of useless messages to be stored then - hope the server’s capacity is endless :wink:

Really hoping for a folder feature in the future anyhow.


Hi, Please tell me how to delete my old private message on forum. I don’t know how to do it… My page is full of messages and I can’t find the message I need right away.

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There is not any trash or waste basket in the new Forum. It is great deficiency. :frowning_face:


You can remove yourself from a conversation.

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(The following is what I usually do, since I kind of feel I am way past being able to declutter my inbox. :rofl:)

If you know the username of the other person in the message exchange you can search your inbox:

Go to your inbox.
Click on the magnifying glass.
Add @ and the username.
Select/check Search messages.


But can’t you “Edit” and therefore delete every letter, then “Save Edits”? That would be a clumsy but effective way to delete the message, I think.

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Thank you so much for your reply, and comments! They are useful for me. Thanks a lot for the help!!

I’m just curious, what happens if both people “remove themselves from the conversation?” Would that effectively delete it, or would it still be taking up space on the servers for eternity?

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Maybe that’s a variation of the If a tree falls in a forest - Wikipedia — if two people remove themselves from a conversation, did the conversation took place? :upside_down_face:

“Eternity” sounds like a really long time, so I don’t think it would exist for that long! But I do think the message would still exist in the server. There might be some other way (now or in a future update) for you to still see your own posts on that message topic, even if you no longer can see the whole conversation. That said, this is a guess as I have not looked at the code.


Hi there, maybe because I’ve been on the forum for less than a year, I still have questions:

  1. What happens if I don’t delete anything ever? Will I stop being able to receive messages/communicate?

2.Will people get offended if you remove yourself from conversation? I ask this because before I didn’t know what remove yourself from conversation meant so when I initially saw it, I was a little offended until I realized it’s to clear up the inbox.

  1. I tried to delete a message but got this message for one of the communications:

  1. If you host a lottery and the lottery is now closed is marking [CLOSED] sufficient to have all the messages relating to that topic deleted or does something further have to be done?

Any feedback helpful.

I’ve been wondering the same thing, and I’m also kind of confused why there are two options - removing yourself or removing the other person - and how each are supposed to be used.

I think if you really want the thread deleted for some reason, you would need to contact the admins, but your responsibility as a lottery host is just to mark the thread as closed. There’s no need to have it deleted. Unless it accidentally contains sensitive information - like the winner posts their address in the thread instead of PMing you - then you should flag that post for the moderators to correct.

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