Have you ever gotten a card or seen a profile with a political or religious message?

I find it SO weird that so many people are saying “Postcrossing isn’t the place for religion or politics”. That isn’t stated anywhere that I’m aware of. I want to learn about the sender, their country, themselves, anything they want to tell me. I want to open my mind to other cultures and situations. I think it’s ok if people don’t enjoy politics or religion, and it’s ok for them to state that in their bio. Any respectful person would comply. But saying this isn’t the place for that like it’s a rule or part of the core values of Postcrossing? Weird.


I love your attitude!


A couple of times
And I don’t mind
I think it’s cute (sort of)


I welcome them, especially when it’s something I have no knowledge of or I disagree. How else are we to learn and grow?! I love differing opinions and perspectives. It’s my favorite element of postcrossing!


This card was sent to me without my consent. There is no ID on it, so I guess Tim drew my address in the past and never deleted the e-mail.

In 10 years, this is the first time I feel really uncomfortable because of something related to Postcrossing. Does anyone recognize the handwriting? Or has anyone received a similar message by him? If anyone knows who this is here on Postcrossing, please let me know. I will report him. You don’t draw my address? You didn’t contact me asking whether you could send me another card? Then leave me alone. He even writes that he read I‘m not religious. What is so hard for some believers to accept the fact that there are non-believers?
On the front there’s a picture of Jesus btw. Or whatever people think he looked like.

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I send you a PM later

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Is it possible that this is a new card where the writer forgot to write the ID# perhaps? I believe that the name is not Tim, but the word Him meaning Jesus (God) was written.

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What are you reporting him for? For what I can read of the message it doesn’t sound threatening or racist or mean. If it is an official card and he just forgot to write the ID on it, this sender did nothing that’s against postcrossing rules.But I do agree that it is not very considerate of him to send you a card of a topic you don’t like.

Edit : I read Him as Tim as well


Whoops yeah, sure. Him, not Tim. So we don’t even have a name here. At least I don’t read it anywhere.

Of course it could be possible that he/she forgot to put the ID on it. Something tells me this isn’t the case. I received a religious card for the first time several years ago and I recognized the handwriting immediately, so I knew that person where that person had my address from and that it was no official card. It wasn’t as bad as this one, so I just ignored it and luckily never heard from him again. I will check with the PC staff tomorrow. Maybe they can find the ID. I‘m wondering what they will generally say about that card. If we‘re supposed to keep out politics, we should also keep out religion. Just my humble opinion.

I don’t think politics or religion are banned or against any pc rules and I don’t think they should be.

Accept that you will get a card you don’t like once in a while, toss this one in the trash, and move on.


IF this is an unofficial card, I will report him because, like I said, he/she didn’t have my consent to use my address for sending me this card.

In addition, I’m pretty sure that this website he/she names is either full of religious brainwashing staff or conspiracy theories. Something like that. I’ll check it tomorrow. Should it be the goal of Postcrossing to spread something like that? I don’t think so.

For some of you this might not be a big deal. For me it is. I don’t want anything to do with religion. It’s connected to very negative experiences in my past. So messages like these trigger me and I don’t want to receive them. And I also think Postcrossing is not a platform for evangelizing.

That’s understandable. My post was under the assumption that it’s an official postcard.


Yes, I think a new card too with id missing, they write “it is nice to meet you” (not “again”).

Reading your message @anna_banana_87 I was prepared to something totally else and horrible.
Remember, they can send what card they like, maybe they only have religious ones. and it is said to be respectful even when disagree. Let them believe, write about their life. From my point of view it is only about their life, and quotes.

The sender don’t know your past and is not responsible of it, neither what some message triggers in you.

You write you love Xmas. I learned the X means Christ. Maybe they thought you still are open to read about faith etc.

You also write “we are equal”, so believers too, right? You write “your story is important”, so the sender maybe thought theirs is too, and shared it.

Of course I’m sorry this card made you feel that way.

I would ask for the id, register it, and throw away if it only made me feel bad.


I think this looks the style is taught at some point, I can already think of a couple of persons who have same looking writing.

Hopefully no one gets attacked because their hand writing looks like this :slightly_frowning_face:

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THIS. Thank you.

Thank you guys! I’m done here. Take care.

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This is likely related to showing the text side of the message, which is not allowed by Postcrossing. The image was removed by a moderator but the rest of your post still stands.

You can still paraphrase what was written to you. I think the discussion is important.


@anna_banana_87 you don’t have to accept things that hurt you and you are allowed to say so. Tell the sender that they hurt you with what they wrote, otherwise they might not be aware of their words being hurtful to others. But equality also doesn’t mean you are allowed to start a witchhunt for someone who said something you don’t like. It doesn’t give you the right to call someone elses believes “bullshit”, or call religious people “brainwashed”.
Equality means that everyone is worth the same. We don’t have to like what others say, do, look like or believe in, but don’t belittle them because of it. Live and let live.


I think we should end this special discussion now or continue it in a polite and friendly way.
I will delete all posts that are inappropriate or unkind, because we don’t accept that here.
But I’ll give you all some more time to edit your posts, because I think this discussion is basically important and I don’t want to delete it completely.

And just because there was a disagreement, no one has to leave the forum.
Posts are flagged every day and posts have to be deleted for these or other reasons.
If you are/were affected yourself, then you can do better in the future.


The sender might not even be aware of how disrespectful they were being. To them the card might not be preachy at all, they were just talking about their life and what’s important to them. That’s why I wrote to tell them about it. Communication is the key.

But the sender is also not aware of this discussion here. They cannot defend themselfes or explain their motives. So maybe we should let the discussion become more general?

Because generally I do agree that one should avoid sending things the receiver doesn’t like/ want. Esp. when it’s a touchy subject like religion or politics.


When I received such cards, they make me smile because it’s interesting that people holding such belief are part of Postcrossing community. I treat it as a nice encounter and great to know that somewhere in US there is a strong believer in their chosen religion.

I received two cards from US and both are written in the same manner like the one shown here (before taken out by the moderator). Friendly tone and a few phrases taken from the Holy Bible.

I’m glad that I didn’t get any card from cult believer. I am worried if someday I will get one. For example, I read on the news that there is a town in US where most of the population are Satanic worshiper. But anyway, in Malaysia also have many kind of cult religion and interacting with them is normal. They live like normal people and running business like everyone else. I think it’s great to know there is people like these existing and also great to know that they mean no harm just feeling very proud of their belief and want to spread the joy to strangers. That is how I see it.