Have you ever gotten a card or seen a profile with a political or religious message?

I haven’t myself, but wonder if anyone has. Personally I would find it a bit rude if the person tried to convert me or criticize my country, but saying something like “God Bless” or explaining something about their own country’s politics would be alright.


I did, a few days ago. It was a card with a beautiful picture and it had a quote from the Bible. I’m not religious but it didn’t bother me at all. The sender wrote a nice, respectful message and the stamps were amazing.
If I got a card from someone trying to brainwash me or trying to convince me to join a cult… that would make me upset. As long as there is respect and boundaries I’m OK with religious cards.


About politics… it also depends.

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I have never received a political message and I have received very few religious (funny enough, all from the US :smile: ) They are extremly rare for me. I didn’t find them rude because I guess they were from extremly religious people, who probably see everything through the lens of Jesus :woman_shrugging: The messages were wishing me good so even if it may not be my idea of good but I still take it as a good intent. I never received any postcard where someone told me what I should belive or do.


I’ve got one that asked “Do you believe in God, right” :joy:

But for me, as an Indonesian where in real life getting asked “what’s your religion” is “normal” in daily basis, doesn’t bother me at all (yes we’re “religious” country where one needs to put their religion on the national ID card).

I also stated in my profile I’m fine with politcal and religious card. But maybe if you get a card that makes you feel uncomfortable (because of any reason), it’s better to be upfront and tell it on the hurray message

If what’s written is a form of discrimination, bashing etc (that’s against the guidelines), it’s time to contact support team :blush:


I have not recieved a political card but I have received a few religious cards. One had a Bible verse and the others were pictures of religious building. The first is not my favourite but it was fine. The latter were great.


I received what I think was a political message postcard from Hong Kong. I had to google it to see what it meant. I have not received any religious postcards yet.

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I think I have received a few political ones and one or two religious messages / wishes.

I’m more than okay with political ones as it’s part of everyone’s lives no matter what you think, plus it’s one of my interests.

Religious ones, not my favourites. Of course the ones I’ve gotten are in good spirit and I don’t hate that. But I still wished people kept religion out of my postcards, if it’s not in the context of culture, your life or interests (Say holidays, hobbies, your country, piece of art).

So I personally find a simple “may God bless you” as a pushing of religion as you can’t know (unless mentioned) what are the receipents beliefs, culture and feelings towards religion. And even in good spirit that can be disrespectful to someone.

I take a good wish as a good wish, but I still hope they would be the non religious kind first…


I have never received any political postcard but would be very happy to, as I like politics! I think it’s always interesting to know others people political ideas, as far as they are respectful.
But it also depends on what you call “political”; I saw that there are some postcards with map of countries which are de facto political I would say, when they show contested part of territory. And for instance, some Chinese postcrossers found this postcard political, as it has been drawned by a Taiwanese artist.

Also, I guess some Russians may find political to receive this postcard, because of the current war

So well, it’s a very interesting topic; what is political, what isn’t?

Also, I recently opened a lottery, do you find it political? I hope it doesn’t go against the rules of Postcrossing (and you are welcome to participate :blush:)! https://community.postcrossing.com/t/for-animal-lovers/360456


Yes. I used to be in the US and several times got messages on cards complaining about the US president at the time and certain policies. I found it quite rude to be honest. I don’t write cards to people complaining about their country’s leaders or politics and I would expect others to not do it to me because Postcrossing shouldn’t be political


I once received a card in an envelope, which was religious propaganda. No sender name/address on it.
The handwriting matched a previous card, so it was someone who sent me a card I registered before.
I didn’t like it but simply trhew it away.


I’ve onced received a card with religious propaganda (the text side) and it was a copied text. Many people received these cards in a short time. They were always written in the receiver’s native language and if I remember correctly the accounts sending those were banned. They purely used Postcrossing to spread their message.

Once I received a very political message from Hong Kong and - as much as I could understand and even appreciate the message - I struggled with the Hurray message a lot.

I’m not religious, but I’m interested in religion. As long as people tell me their experience with religion or what role it has in their daily life I don’t mind at all. It’s very interesting. I’m not too fond of card (picture side) with something like a bible verse on it.

Same for politics. It’s really interesting to learn about other countries’ politics. But hardly nobody has shared their experiences with me on official postcards.

As long as it’s not judgemental or full of hatred, I like such kind of messages. And I would say: It’s better to write your perspective of your own country / region and don’t assume something about the receivers as long as they don’t ask for it.


Yes, of course. “Stop the war in Ukraine” message. On postcards and in Hurray messages. It literally goes something like this - “Thank you for your beautiful postcard and wonderful stamps! Stop the war in Ukraine!” From Germany most often. Once I answered that I don’t think postcrossing is about politics and got a really angry reply. So I said I will report this person if he continues talking to me about politics. There are other sites for it. He stopped bothering me after that.
I remember a discussion in March on Instagram among Russian postcrossers that they are afraid to open their Hurray messages these days.


I have gotten both, but not disturbing.
For me bible is a book, so a quote from there is same as from any book.
Also some are so common things I didn’t know they are there too (and the things like proverbs, often isn’t anything religious there).

Politics, yes, lately more.
Actually I’ve gotten also “Stop war in Ukraine” both in cards and Hurrays, I have thought it’s like their signature, not targeted to me. Maybe it was. Two persons at least have told they didn’t know we aren’t the same country as Russia anymore.
But also in many German cards they have this written somewhere.
Lately also about NATO and our long border with Russia.

I don’t mind someone wishing me blessings.
Once someone asked to write my relationship to religion, and I did (different from theirs), they responded so nicely, understandingly, warmly, and that they will pray for me, it felt really friendly, I know someone could take it badly, but to me was like they will think of me, and wish me only good.
This kind of “meeting” I like, that we were so different, but I felt “accepted” with my non believing, and not told to turn to God or anything. (And of course I didn’t write badly about their belief.)


Two years ago I received postcard from a Hong Kong student,where he wrote about the protest movement and asked for wishing good luck. I knew almost nothing about that, so I just wrote him a kind hurray.


If you are bothered by messages about politics or religions you can add a note on your profile. I did and it seems to work. Still some people sent me messages saying: “God bless you” and things like that. I guess they didn’t notice that I don’t belive in gods :sweat_smile:. Nobody tried to convert me though so I don’t mind if a religious person writes: “God bless you”. It means that they wish me well.

And I don’t think that adding: “Let’s all hope for peace” in your message is political.


I hate when it happens. I mean… Do they live under a rock or something? Don’t have schools or internet access? I am really calm person but things like that can make me very angry.


I have not received a religious or political message yet - at least what I find to be.
I have gotten a religious sticker on a postcard that made me very uncomfortable. :frowning:

I got both and I send political messages if I feel like it.
Postcrossing is neither out of politics nor out of religion and particularly religion is an important part of the culture of many people. I am okay with getting either of them.


I’ve never gotten a card I consider political and only one that could be considered religious. The card was artwork of a religious figure (a saint, I believe) but a religious message wasn’t written with it.

I say on my profile that I’d rather not receive political cards but I haven’t said anything about religious cards yet because I’m not sure how to state this preference. I don’t mind getting religious cards that depict festivals, religious buildings, artwork, etc. but I’d rather not receive a religious message or a religious card that’s trying to proselytize, if that makes sense.