Have you ever gotten a card or seen a profile with a political or religious message?

Well, maybe. People are very different. But in that case I would prefer an actual question or a genuine human interest in my point of view to a simple statement that conceals hell knows what. Otherwise it all looks very immature and childish to me. So little place to say something to a complete stranger and the first thought is politics? What they expect in return? And I haven’t even seen their profile yet.


I love political postcards (whether or not I agree with their viewpoint) because I feel like they will one day become historically interesting artifacts of our time.

When I look through old letters or journals from long ago, the rare mention of anything political is an amazing find, as compared to “the weather is nice” “the kids are well” type messages, which do not contain the same glimpse into the character of the writer or the times they were living through.

I’m yet to receive a religious postcard, but I don’t think I would mind that at all. In fact, if the sender is from a religion I don’t know much about and went into details about their beliefs, that would be really cool!


Sorry, but you got me wrong. Of course I read the profile first and I do not blame ordinary people for the politics of the leaders of their country, unless I definately know that they support that politics wholeherartedly.


I love religious cards, Wish I’d get more. Love postcards with Scriptures as well.


People almost never write about politics or religion on the cards I receive, although I encourage people to write about anything they choose.

But I remember in particular two postcards from politically repressive countries, where the senders talked about the political regimes and their hopes (and despair) about living under those circumstances. I treasure these postcards and hope the senders find the freedom they lack.

During the worst of the pandemic a religious group well known for door to door proselytizing began proselytizing by mail, including a few on Postcrossing. I registered the cards and reported the senders, because it crossed the line. It’s one thing to write about one’s interests, but to demand I share those interests is offensive.

I’m interested in world religions in a social and cultural sense, but frankly it annoys me to have someone just assume I need to rush out and convert.


I have gotten some messages that skirt around the presidency or say “God Bless”, but I want to have a postcard from a real person who has their own views and beliefs, not a superficial message.


I once received a card fully written. And you may take that absolutely literally. I counted 25 lines (tiny print - I kid you not), 1 stamp and my address. All the text was written around the stamp and address. About 15 lines were going on about how they liked flowers, and how roses in particular made this older couple’s life so much more beautiful. If I wished, they’d send me a rose-card (now it was actually quite a funny cartoonish one). They also wrote down their favourite line from the Bette Middler song The Rose :
Just remember, in the winter
Far beneath the bitter snow
Lies the seed, that with the sun’s love
In the spring, becomes the rose :rose: And asked me to just let them know if I were interested to know more about roses. They’d happily send me a booklet on it. Never before have I received such a fully written card. It was also personal, not something they’d write to anyone, with references to some of my profile information. What has this got to do with religion, you may wonder? There’s nothing ‘wrong’ here, or is there? Well, replace ‘flowers’ with ‘catholicism’ and ‘rose’ with Jesus and the lyrics with a verse from the bible. 'Cause that’s what it was really about. Did I feel bad with this? Nah, not really, just like I wouldn’t have felt bad if it were all about flowers and roses. Just somebody’s interest and they weren’t really pushing, yet. (May have been the case if I’d asked for the booklet etc).

Have I sent political messages? Oh, yeah! All the time! You all know the red-blue border on airmail-envelopes, right :red_square: :blue_square: :red_square: :blue_square: :red_square: ? Like the Postcrossing-logo, actually. Well, I used to draw these myself on my outgoing postcards, believing it’s obvious for mail carriers that it’s airmail, and it also looks quite nice. :wink: Nowadays, this border is :yellow_square: :blue_square: :yellow_square: :blue_square: :yellow_square: Only to Russia, Belarus and China do I still use the red and blue. I don’t want to provoke. Apart from that border, my message is ‘normal’.
Only this week have I received a Hurray-message from a Russian girl. When I drew her profile, my heart broke! She felt so guilty! Of course I had to let her know that she does not represent her government and that a lot of people realise this and the fact that this silent majority does not dare to speak up for reasons we cannot even begin to imagine. I tried to cheer her up as much as I could. What else could I do? She thanked me and let me know it meant the world to her.


A few years ago, I received a postcard from the “Republic of Crimea.” The sender was a fervent Russian nationalist. I registered the card with a neutral message.


i got one giving me a huge amount of information about jahova witnesses. since i run an english club i had to pull that card aside. its not something junior high school students are used to.


I guess the difference is that gardeners did not get together and colonize and oppress people. Gardeners typically also don’t demand that people give up their favourite flower for a different flower with the threat of a horrible consequence.

Sure, some people can talk about religion sensibly and at an arm’s length. But others are zealots and do so in ways that are very uncomfortable. I think we have to acknowledge that both approaches are real.


Yes. Several times. Even when my profile specifically says no Christian cards. A couple of the cards were bible verses and people getting mad at me for requesting that and another was a more passive aggressive, indirect way of trying to get me to convert. I find it incredibly disrespectful for folks to push their religions on others, especially when their recipient’s profile states the opposite. I don’t have an issue with what folks want to believe, only when they try to push theirs onto me.


I don’t seem to have received a political postcard yet. However, for religious postcards, I have received paintings or religious-related buildings. As for religious people, as long as they are not preaching to me, I will not reject them. After all, I look at these things with the eyes of art. In the West, more of the famous painters’ works are religious works, such as Leonardo da Vinci’s work The Last Supper and the creation of Adam, such as Antoni Gaudí’s work Sagrada Família, which has become a landmark building in Barcelona. China is not a religious country, but there are many great Buddhist arts such as the paintings on the inner walls of the Dunhuang Grottoes in China, which belong to the world cultural heritage. Dunhuang frescoes have different aesthetic characteristics and artistic styles from secular paintings. I think as long as it is not a cult, as long as it is a good artwork, I will welcome it.


As me from Guizhou,I don’t think we don’t accept this work because the author is from Taiwan. From the picture, this postcard is indeed a good work. And we don’t have territorial disputes either. Why this is so is a question left over from history.And when you don’t know others, it’s better not to discuss other people’s country affairs. thanks.


I don’t recall any political messages other than broadly political like “stop wars” or “Save the planet”. I do have a few religious cards though. I’m an atheist, but don’t mind them at all. I haven’t had any that have had religious messages on the back though - I wouldn’t enjoy being preached at. A bible verse or similar on the front of the card isn’t an issue.


Yes, I have received both political & religious messages. And both are perfectly OK with me :slight_smile:

What I love most about Postcrossing is getting tiny glimpses into the lives of people around the world - and politicis & religion are part of that life.


Hi @sujun_8, I am sorry if you felt offended by my comment.
Personally, I don’t think it should be forbidden to discuss “other people’s country affairs”. It’s always interesting to have someone else’s perspective, that’s why I love Postcrossing! If you want to share your opinion about the French government, feel free to do so :blush:
And I think I know Taiwan, as I am half-Taiwanese; half of my family live in this beautiful country where I go every summer. We are all human beings aren’t we? Peace and love :slightly_smiling_face:


I would be happy to get either religious or political cards. I am a Christian (although from a very progressive church) and I am also quite involved politically. Although I certainly would not agree with everyone on either of these issues I would be very interested to get cards related to both.


I was too lazy to look for it yesterday. Here’s an example of a Hurray message I got. Just one example.

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I received once a postcard, the sender wrote something about the anniversary of the revolution or war, and about political parties. It is normal that the sender wanted to tell about the history of his country, but it was strange to read it on a Christmas card. :blush: I usually write how we baked cookies or something else. Although we are all different.


I have written in my profile that I am interested in politics and history and love cards that refer to that. I am relatively new to Postcrossing, but I have gotten cards praising Human Rights (from Hongkong), referering to the last presidential election in the US, telling about developments in Singapore etc. I was absolutely delighted! That is far more interesting to me than reading about the weather or about food that so many people write about…