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I read the line:

• be sealed with an envelope (greeting card only)

as meaning that there must only be a greeting card in the envelope…where greeting card is defined in the paragraph above as:

• contents that are card(s) only / postcards.

So no, I do not think that line implies that postcards are exempt from that requirement.

And this is supported by the text under the heading of ‘Small Letters’, that states that:

• Small letters include enveloped mail, lettersheets and unenclosed postcards.

I really don’t think there’s any question from this document that an unenclosed postcard should be sent at the full small letter rate. And that the greeting card rate only applies to postcards in envelopes. It just remains to be seen if/when they will ever enforce this. :woman_shrugging:t2:

You can download a copy of the Post Charges guide at:

And page 30 is the relevant page.

Reading this

reassured me that 3$ for any postcard is not a temporary discount but is here to stay.

Thank you @Tinkatutu for bringing this into our attention.
It is a relief!

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You do you @FoTiS. :heart:

Look at this interesting card design I rescued from the opshop near me!

I’m fascinated, they look to be puzzles that you write on? I’m not entirely sure how to send it though, I’d have to pop it in the envelope it comes in as I’m scared it would fall apart in transit D:

I can’t find any info on the designer either, the backside is blank so all I have to go off of is “gumleaf cards”!


That is different! I’d be concerned about them falling apart enroute too…it could end up like a trail of breadcrumbs between the lodging postoffice and its destination! :rofl:

I recently saw puzzle postcards in town here. They were Aussie animal motifs and they were huge. I didn’t buy one because I thought they’d cost a bomb to send…they were much bigger than the allowed dimensions. Although whether anyone would check or care is another thing altogether. :woman_facepalming:


Hello! I’ve decided to print these Australia cards for World Postcard Day: Free Designs for 2023 World Postcard Day Postal Hug

I’m going to send off an order to Vistaprint tonight. Their minimum is 50, so I’m just going to get that.

If anyone would like some, please let me know and I’ll send you some. I can probably do 5-ish cards in an envelope for the small letter $1.20 rate. If just a couple of people want some, then I’m happy to just send them to you, otherwise you can PayID me a couple of dollars using my phone number :smiling_face:


@twinkledee I would gladly buy a few off you if that’s okay! I did want to print some but didn’t want a billion, so that works out really well if you’re happy to.

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Awesome! I’m happy to for sure :blush:
Just PM me your address x

Argh, Aus Post, always finding a way to piss me off.

I placed an order on their website on 16 August, and it is still ‘Pending’. No communications from them at all, and they are so hard to contact.

Anyone else having trouble with online orders right now?


So when the Aussie member that I’ve just sent an official postcard to receives it…and sees that it is postmarked two days before I actually drew your address…you’ll know that it’s because Canberra is just ‘special’ like that!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Sorry! Obviously the clerk is not used to being asked for pictorial postmarks and neither of us checked the dates on them…so yeah! I used my Tardis to send your postcard today…you’re welcome :partying_face:!


In the new year I’m off to Christmas Island and the Cocos Islands :grinning: just booked everything! Just looked at them on the postcrossing countries list and I’m excited to maybe get to send CC-1 :open_mouth:


Have lots of fun and a safe trip!


How fantastic @missmelbourne! I can’t wait to hear about your adventures! And fingers crossed for CC-1! :partying_face:


My Big Things arrived today! I can finally start sending them c:


I bought some big things too :grinning:


For our Melbournians, the Museum had some cards when I was there!

Sometimes I’m half tempted to make a list of places, but I’m not sure if that would be of use to people?

Thanks Vicki (Mundoo) for your World Postcard Day postcard!! It just arrived!
Hindmarsh Island to Bacchus Marsh in 5 days … not bad at all.


Actually it was better than 5 days! They never got posted until Tuesday lunchtime as that was when I was in Goolwa. Mail goes out of Goolwa at 4:15pm. (Mon was a public holiday here in SA).


Though I was additionally surprised yesterday when chatting with my sister in Melbourne and the postcard I sent her had arrived as well.

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i received 2 (wpd) cards in “5” days too - nsw also had a public holiday on monday

thanks to
@CK_11 :love_letter: and @twinkledee :love_letter: who both earn wpd 2023 badges :slight_smile:



I got a WPD card from Australia too - it arrived from Tassie to Melbourne on Thursday, so only four days total.