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We just signed up to have a new house built. :construction_worker_man: :house: We are going to knock down our existing house and rebuild on the same location. Selections and colours are tomorrow, I wonder if we will still be talking to each other at the end of the day LOL


Congratulations :tada: how exciting.

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The Oceania x world RR is open.

If you would like to join, just come and take a look.

Good luck with the project!

Sounds exciting! Best of luck! :heart_eyes:

Selections went surprisingly well. We even finished half an hour early. We didn’t even have one instance of angst with each other selecting tiles, paint, bench tops, cupboards, handles, exterior or roof colour. We were given those little sample chips and even now back home I am still smiling about the choices.


Oh, that’s good to hear! These choices can be so stressful… I bet you can’t wait to see it all built and ready! :slight_smile:

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I just wish it was one of those ‘just add water’ type of builds. You know go out for the day and the builders added water and you come home and there is an instant house :house: LOL

I keep moving the colour swatches around to different positions/rooms to see what the light and time of day does.


Good Luck mundoo! Sadly it doesn’t work like that but it would be fabulous! It has been such a weird and wet Summer up here but… I am not complaining. Last year the fires caused so much distress to so many and hopefully the West Australians have the fires under control soon. Stay safe everyone!

Our old house was demolished yesterday.

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Have they started building yet?

hahaha, I wish!!! So that would be a no.

We only got final plans/price last week and they have missed a lot of stuff and included stuff we didn’t request so we haven’t signed off on the plans but sent it all back to them.

Have you seen this…

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it’s been a while since anyone was here…

i’ve ordered some wpd postcards if anyone wants to share with me


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I am interested. Can I have 10 please?

Will message you to arrange payment etc.

Melbourne postcrossers - could anyone tell me where to buy some of these street art postcards - or similar, please


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I bought mine in a shop near Flinders St Station but most of those have closed due to Covid and digging for the underground Loop extension. May still be available in the one or two still open.
They are available on-line from this site.

Not sure it works but thats the website on the back of the card.


Hiya! I bought them from the website Azzi linked. It was super bizarre but nice — I ordered those and a few others, and he sent me a crazy collection of different bonus items in addition to what I ordered.


thanks :kissing_heart:@azzi and @missmelbourne :kissing_heart:

that website doesn’t work at the moment or anymore …
i tried a couple of days ago and just now - a google search brings up an about us result for vigbay, but that link is broken too

oh well i’ll look for them when i’m nearby and if i stumble overt some, i’ll buy some … obviously :crazy_face:


That link works for me…? Maybe try a different browser? I’m using Safari on my phone. There are some nice postcards on that site!