Hard to Please?

I just removed a post and the replies to it because the user whose profile was reported on was very easy to find.

Please be careful not to go into too much detail so that that not happen again.

Sorry, made replies visible again.


Nooooo, my long story post was deleted… Okay, I’ll accept and take this opportunity to ask. When you come across a profile with a large number of received postcards and see a request to avoid duplicates, how many postcards are you still willing to scroll through out of politeness?

I usually scroll nearly last 200 postcards from my country and quit it or just don’t start and send a postcard that definitely can’t have a duplicate. For example, a postcard from an exhibition that took place recently, for the first time.


My original response, since deleted, was that I ran across someone who wanted me to go through 900 USA cards for duplicates. No!


I understand that. Me neither. I’ve had that request a couple times, except the member(s) had over 2,000 cards :woman_shrugging:t2: even if I only look at the cards by country, seeing just US cards, it’s still way too many.


I got a postcrosser who asked you to check her flickr link for duplicates, it had over 34,000 postcards in it :joy::joy::joy: needless to say, I didn’t


Perhaps it’s time for implementing a reverse image search option on the website. You inspired me to post that in the suggestions board…


When I get an official card with so many No’s and special requests, I send a tourist card. I would not take the time to print a special card to meet their requirements. There is such a thing as too hard to please, hence this forum topic.
I don’t care if I get duplicates, and ultimately even the most uninteresting card can have a wonderful message, and that’s more important.


I never go to members flicker accounts or other outside links. There’s a certain joy in the simplicity of just staying on the Postcrossing website.
Plus for my own sanity, I need to keep it fun and relatively straightforward for me. That’s fine for them if they want to catalog every card they’ve ever received (or wanted) on a separate flicker account or other site, but I don’t need to visit the personal library of cards when I draw an official.
And I am overly cautious about not going to random websites by clicking a link in someone’s profile.


I can look through many pages, but depends on if I have time, or even card fitting to their profile. Then I think my card and look what they have, and I can do it quickly.

But it’s not guaranteed even if I look all the cards, they still can get the duplicate. One of same I am sending might be on its way, or after I sent, someone else sends it. Many times I have seen the person get the same card with close dates.

If the person seems very seriously not wanting a duplicate, I send one that I made of photos taken by me. Or make myself. Maybe they don’t want just such card, but at least it’s not something they already have.

Very very rarely I look other collections. Flicker is not working well, or people don’t use it well, as the images are often very different size, some load forever etc.


I’m wondering if that user really asks for browsing through so many pics or if it’s still a phrase from the very beginning.

I once came across such a user and wrote him that I didn’t browse through 10,000 of pics. He then thanked me for mentioning this as it was still from his early days on Flickr and that he totally forgot to remove this from his profile.

Have you ever asked your user if they really want you to browse through 34,000 pics?


Haha, I think I had this member too :sweat_smile: I just found a unique card and sent it.


There is only one question left: how will a recipient with 5000+ postcards know that he got a duplicate? Does he sit down every time he gets a card and scroll his five thousand postcards, comparing them with a freshly received postcard?? Or does he have everything carefully sorted into 100+ folders that he remembers by heart? :see_no_evil:

I feel like I just have to post this ancient joke here.

*Letter to the match factory:

“I’ve been counting matches in your matchboxes for 11 years - sometimes there are 59, sometimes 60, and sometimes 58. Are you all crazy there???*


How about you draw something decorative on the card? Thats what I do when I get a no stickers/washi profile. Sometimes the no sticker/washi users are afraid that the decorations will get stuck in the sorting machines and damage the card (this can happen with puffy stickers) or the card will stick to other mail because of the glue on the tape. Drawings don’t do that, so they should be fine.


I once asked some users why they don’t want stickers, whether it’s because of the look or what. Answer: Because the stickers can damage the postcard over the decades if the glue gets into the paper.

Maybe it is true, but I have to admit that I am very ambivalent about this statement. I still have postcards that I received from my relatives in my childhood (35-40 years ago). There were also stickers on it. Some of these have fallen off over the decades, but no residue has been left and none of the postcards have been damaged by the stickers. Therefore, I rather believe that the cards are stored improperly and therefore the damage occurs.


I picked something I hoped she’d like, that definitely wasn’t in her official cards sent from my country. I got a really nice hurray message, so hopefully It was something she hadn’t already had, if not, she still sent a kind message, and I very much appreciated that :blush:

It really is an incredible amount of postcards!


I haven’t no, I’d worry that could sound a little rude. I actually feel bad mentioning it on here to be honest as the person in question was really nice, so I’m not being critical, it was just such a huge amount i was quite surprised! :blush:

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remember that if you have doubts if it counts as a postcard you can write to support before registration

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I did so after registration.

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If I get someone with a lot of demands, I find a post card I’m not bothered about losing, write a message on it & that’s it because I know it’s more than likely going to be binned.

I get excited when I pick out post cards, decorate the card & find something they are interested in. I had one recently. Out of the 9 cards I sent, 8 of them were decorated etc & the 1 just had a message & some facts about the card. I try not to worry about it too much now. I’m still fairly new.


It’s a concern when you’re putting something like stickers on archival quality/acid-free paper. Most postcards are unlikely to be made from such high quality materials!