Gone Too Soon: Stamps We Miss 😭

Thanks for posting this. I need to make a run to the post office now. :wink: :rofl:

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@Kanerva I have this Moomin stamp if you want to swap


I like to torture myself looking at these. Can’t believe I missed out. :grimacing:


wow. WOW. W O W


Hi everyone! I’m new here. How do I get post crossing postcards? I’m from Illinois near Chicago.
Thank you!

Hi, Jen. You’ll want to look here.

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I truly miss the scratch and sniff stamps from a couple of years ago. They were small, so fit perfectly onto the postcards, and the scratch and sniff aspect brought me back to my childhood (I am a child of the 80s and remember trading scratch and sniff stickers in school.


I had no idea these existed and I have the Disney Villain Postcard Box these would be awesome with.


Good grief!

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Those disney villains stamps are now online and avaliable through stamp dealers at twice the price and beyond mark up.

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Answering the post, I was certainly born way too late for this one ( 1929 ) If it were still available I’d have cleared the Post Office out long long ago, it’s also my favourite GB stamp and probably the most iconic British postage stamp design outside the Penny Black. £1 was a lot of money at the time, hence this is now a very valuable stamp in fresh condition. It may be old but it’s a cracker.


Daaaaamn. :heart_eyes: Any idea how much one would have to spend to acquire one? (Or how many children/limbs one would have to sacrifice?)

Old Belarusian stamps I wish I could use these days




Ahh, I would have loved the Adam Mickiewicz stamp :heart_eyes:

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I know right? :sob:

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Why does the USPS destroy these? They could still sell them.! There are many stamps From the past I would love to have but I am not willing to pay the exorbitant prices people want for them, now that I have an interest in them., I am buying more to put aside. In the future if I need to, I can sell them but it will not be for a ridiculous profit!

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You don’t have to sacrifice any limbs you just need deep pockets, a good fine used ( Well delineated Postmark ) or a Mounted mint copy that is with the hinge or remnant again in fine condition around £300 to £400. If you want a fine unmounted mint other things come into consideration especially the centering of the design within the frame and the overall freshness of the stamp and whether it has any selvedge attached, expect to pay up to around £600. These are of course individual stamps not on cover or piece ( part of the envelope or parcel ). For this stamp fine on cover expect to pay £1500 upwards. My own opinions! You could buy a good facsimile on a popular auction site for around £6. No, I don’t have any spares regrettably, Best Wishes, D

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Happy to send you a few oh beautiful stamps on a postcard if you like. Just send me a PM :grin:

I never got to buy this one, which is weird. Three stamps released on the same day, each with the same amount available, yet the one with the most commonly used denomination is the only left.


And I miss Bats from 2006, haven’t them :disappointed: :bat:

and Birds definitive were much better than today’s Vegetables :laughing: