Gone Too Soon: Stamps We Miss 😭

Maybe we miss them because we were born too late.

Maybe we miss them because we were too young to appreciate them at the time they were available.

Maybe we miss them because we didn’t know they existed until after they were retired.

Maybe we miss them simply because we have run out and have yet to buy more.

Maybe our favorites are still available, but at a premium.

Whatever the reason, what are the stamps from your country that you miss the most?

If they are still available at a premium, what would you be willing to pay to fill that stamp-shaped hole in your heart? :broken_heart:


It is this velvety Moomin stamp:

I bought them for my penpals. I thought they were cool because they had that velvety surface. I did not collect stamps at the time, so I did not save any for myself and now I regret it.

Edit: Thanks to this topic and a very friendly postcrosser I now have this cute stamp in my collection!


I miss the two postcrossing stamps from 2011 and 2016. I still am able to buy some on a specialist website sporadically, but I would love it if there were new ones. ( Our regular Dutch international stamps are boring.)


I miss the Elvis Presley forever stamp issued by the USPS in 2015. I was buying sheets of them at the USPS website up until last year and using them. Then they were gone from the USPS stamp store, and now all you can find are special sets (aka expensive) and sheets sold by various dealers at a premium price.


I bought these stamps back in 2007 and never sent this one. I just love it. I love black and white photos and Finnhorses, and this stamp has both. :heart:
Ps. Oh the sweet days when sending a postcard cost only 0,70 €!


That is a beautiful stamp indeed. :heart:

Also: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @nnniiina! :tada: :partying_face: :tada:

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The first thing that comes to my mind is Children of Mac Lir mini sheet.

When it was in offer, I was 5 years old and living in another country :smiley:


I miss the 45 Eurocent stamps from Germany (domestic postcard rate until 30-Jun-2019, currently it’s 60 Eurocent). As German Post is retracting stamps after 2 years, they are quickly vanishing. Why do I like the 45 Eurocent stamps? With them, I can use 2 different commemorative stamps (plus a 5 Eurocent definitive flower stamp) for the 95 Eurocent international postcard rate we have in Germany since 01-Jul-2019. I only have so much money available for Postcrossing so the amount of stamps I can hoard is limited. :slightly_frowning_face:


I dont know why but after at least 3 years USPS gathers all unsold inventories and destroys them.

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These have disappeared of the usps website


NOOOOO, I need to buy more of those before they’re gone. (I love rats.) :rat:

You might be able to order them through the catalog or thru the usps phone order number. Sesame street was taken off the website a while back and when I received the Fall Catalog, they were right there in the catalog ready to order.


From the online postal bulletin. USPS will withdraw and destroy the following stamps

Thanks for posting this. I need to make a run to the post office now. :wink: :rofl:

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@Kanerva I have this Moomin stamp if you want to swap


I like to torture myself looking at these. Can’t believe I missed out. :grimacing:


wow. WOW. W O W


Hi everyone! I’m new here. How do I get post crossing postcards? I’m from Illinois near Chicago.
Thank you!

Hi, Jen. You’ll want to look here.

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I truly miss the scratch and sniff stamps from a couple of years ago. They were small, so fit perfectly onto the postcards, and the scratch and sniff aspect brought me back to my childhood (I am a child of the 80s and remember trading scratch and sniff stickers in school.