From 29 September to 1 October 2023 - World Postcard Day meetup at Bergamofil

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Chiuduno (Bergamo), Lombardy, Italy.
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Bergamofil exhibition center, Polo Fieristico Multiarea Palasettembre, via Martiri della Libertà 6
:calendar: DATE: World Postcard Day from 29 September to 1 October 2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: from 9 am until closing (Sunday 1 October until 14 pm)
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:
The cities of Bergamo and Brescia, with their provinces, are this year declared “Italian cities of culture 2023”. On World Postcard Day, from 29 September to 1 October, in collaboration with the Bergamo Philatelic Circle, we’ll meet at the Bergamofil philatelic exhibition: we’ll be able to visit the philatelic fair, then write and sign postcards and stamp them with the special Postcrossing cancellation mark of Poste Italiane (cancellation mark on Saturday, thanks to Ancai: Associazione nazionale collezionisti annullamenti italiani - National association of Italian cancellation collectors). We’ll also have a corner to promote Postcrossing. Special commemorative stamps of Bergamo/Brescia cities of culture will be available.

Restaurant service inside the fair.

Postcard and postmark (thanks to @paulo for the approval)

If you like to swap, comment below reporting your offer and asking if anyone is available.

We are waiting for you! :smiley:


Are there details for this expo available online? I was feeling spontaneous and have just booked a flight that lands in Malpensa at 11:50am on the Sunday :speak_no_evil:


@JustJo PM sent


would love to swap, here is a link to the meeting cards I can provide

and here is everything else

thank you for taking a look :slight_smile: you all have a great meeting, Uschi

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i love to swap


I am collecting postcrossing postmarks and would really be interested in a swap for a card with the special postmark. In return I can offer a postcard from my upcoming holiday in Armenia… (or of course from Germany where I am located).

Is anyone interested?


I would like to swap)
My offers

Mi piacerebbe molto scambiare una cartolina del meetup per una delle mie :heart:

I love to swap

I will be glad to exchange )))
If my links never open, then I can offer Stavropol counter postcards and many other topics for exchange: foxes, bears, cities, food, flowers, birds, owls, wine Stavropol, famous personalities, characters and more.

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I really like your meetup card and the wonderful postmark!!!

Is it possible to swap for it? I would love to receive it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I hope to read from you :grinning:

Hello @Postkartensammler
PM sent
(Update: swap arranged)

Hello! Looking for a swap!

My meetup cards offer: Offer: Meetup postcard |

Hello everyone!
I would be very interested in swap the wonderful card.
My offers:

Enjoy your meet up and thank you in advance.


I would like to renew my swap offer from Armenia for a card from the meeting with the special postmark. I will only be able to send my end of the deal next week, so if someone is interested we need to arrange now.


@ch_nz update: swap arranged :blush:

I found this card, thanks)

Pm sent

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Hi there

we will have a WPD meetup at Curitiba Brazil, here is our postcard if someone like to swap :smiley:

Hi Melody! Would you like to swap with me for that amazing card?

My offer:

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