Forum member badge on main PC profile

It would be nice to easily recognise if you draw a profile of another forum user when sending official cards.

Could a badge appear on profiles for those who have been recently active on the forum?

(I’ll leave it to those with a better knowledge of user behaviour to define ‘recently’!)


I don’t think it is important. They might be active on some other part of the forum, like their own language forum, and you’ve never taken part of the same conversation.


That would be a nice addition. Same like the badge of who sent a card on world postcard day. Not important for everyone but some might like the trivia. I would for sure check if I’ve previously spoken to that person in the forum and would maybe mention it in the official card.
Will definitely not recognise more than 10 usernames if I got their address in official, so a “badge” is an interesting idea.


I think forum member badge on main PC profile can attract more members to join this forum


A fantastic idea.
And I also think that might draw some people’s attention to the forum.


I think that’s a very good idea!
Maybe more people would join the forum.


Perhaps I’m just a stickybeak but I tend to think I’d be interested in knowing that a member is active on the forum, even if I’ve never interacted on the same post before. :sweat_smile: Maybe there could be an opt-out option for those who for some reason wouldn’t want a link between main profile and forum activity?

Funny, I hadn’t thought of it as a way of increasing forum activity but of course that could be a nice benefit!


@ahmandah As I am not sure I am getting this is a forum member someone who helps us newbies when we post in wrong thread or answer questions we may have about postcrossing?

No. You and I are forum members, as is anyone who posts here. Many of the people involved in PC had never even visited the forums.


Now that explains it…. So there are peeps who get cards and never post to the forum, here I thought everyone did… so there was a thread about getting cards from forum members that would be like getting one from you correct? So appreciate the clarification… you get a :star: :wink:

Exactly! Only a small percentage of Postcrossing users have ever visited the forums! :wink:


Get out of here lol is there a reason they don’t? Possible language barrier . .? If it’s only a small percentage I cannot imagine the activity if everyone posted … you too get a :star2: :wink:

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I imagine that there are many different reasons… language barrier for sure, but also no interest in further conversation or they’ve visited the old forums that were pretty old school and not so easy to use (and never visited the new one then), …


Now look what I learned today…and it’s only 6:40 am :wink:

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I’m quite sure this is why at least some people have never checked the new forum. Another reason are the several groups on Facebook and media where postcrossers have been gathering for years. And, of course, there are those who have no interest in taking part, or are not skilled enough.

I agree that a badge may push some unaware members to have a look at the forum. :wink:


The thread for cards received from forum members is not meant for official PC cards received through the website. Those are already registered there. It is for people to post what they have received through unofficial swaps with other forum members that they arrange themselves or through the games, swaps, etc. forums.

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This thread Hurray! :tada: Official Cards from Forum Member to Forum Member is for the cards on official PC, to share the happiness, so to speak :slight_smile:

Maybe you thought about Tag Cards Received & Tag Chat which is indeed for forum cards.


This topic ( thread) is only for the cards received through joining the tags activities :wink: .


Oh ok. That’s not the thread I thought you were mentioning. I am unfamiliar with that one but, as the title suggests, it’s for officials.

I absolutely love the forum and spend most of my PC time on here, so a badge would be fabulous!!
My best friend also is a PCer and she has NEVER visited the forum (even with my constant praises!). Her reasoning is time.