Forum member badge on main PC profile

This is really great idea


I like the idea too, I always look for the names of the drawn person in the forum search to see if they are members here…
Just a few days ago I drew the adress of a active forum member and was very happy about it!:woman_shrugging::four_leaf_clover::bouquet::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::tada:


How can you check this?

I just remember some members. Never thought to check if we talked about something.
(And I don’t think it’s something I will do, but maybe some are interested to do this.)

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Long ago, i had to sent my first PC card and i drawed address of @Jarana , at that time i wasn’t aware of Forum but she’s very active member:)


I remember your card :blush: for me its not that long back since I received it, it had a longer journey.


Yeah, definitely, as everything was so new for me, I had used postage for air mail, but didn’t wrote “by air mail”, now keep improving by mistakes and keep learning:)
Also at that time i wasn’t aware of Commemorative stamps so used boring definitives:(


Dear @Hemang,

Here you can post / read “received cards from forummembers” :smiley:

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By searching by name in the message section… or at least I could give it a try… or if I saw a budge it could ring a bell! When i send officials I almost never pay attention to the username, I see their name (or how they wan to be called, to write the card)

I like the idea.
I actually thought that such function somehow existed, but that I didn’t know how. I have the impression that people seem to realise when they draw a forum member, is it by using a search function?

I use my mind instead of a search function.

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I think the more time you spend on the forum, especially the tags and round robins with lots of repeat users, the more you might just recognise another user on the main site, because either their username or their profile picture sticks in your mind.


I see. I think your suggestion is very good and can be quite useful for people with bad memory or those who spend not that much time in the forum.