February 24, 2024 | Los Angeles, CA | John Wooden Stamp FDOI

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Los Angeles/ Westwood, CA
:round_pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Ceremony: Pauley Pavilion/ UCLA Campus
Pauley Pavilion: 301 Westwood Plaza, Los Angeles CA 90095
Pro Tip: On Google Maps type in “UCLA Parking Structure 7 - Underground” as the above address in GPS will not take you to a parking lot.

Meetup Location: Ackerman Union AU 2412, 2:00pm No Vacancies - See Below

:calendar: DATE: Saturday, February 24, 2024
:alarm_clock: TIME: 1:00-2:00pm (FDOI Ceremony); 2:00-4:00pm (Signing Cards/ Socializing)
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:
Hello… again! I honestly did not think I would be hosting a THIRD meetup in the month of February, but USPS recently announced that the John Wooden stamp’s First Day of Issue (FDOI) ceremony would be held at none other than the UCLA campus, which just happens to be my alma mater. Go Bruins!!! :bear: :yellow_heart: :blue_heart: John Wooden was the UCLA men’s basketball coach between 1949 and 1975. During that time, the Bruins won 10 NCAA MBB titles.

The USPS FDOI ceremony will start at 1pm and be held at Pauley Pavilion - East Plaza. Note that this is an outdoor “atrium” and not actually inside the Pauley Pavilion. (Although – if for some reason there is inclement weather, I could see this being moved indoors.)

If you plan on attending the First Day of Issue ceremony, please RSVP at the USPS website here. Here’s the press release with additional details.

**If you’re driving:
Per USPS, you will want to park in Parking Structure 7, which is accessible from Sunset Blvd. and goes underneath the soccer field, putting you relatively close to Pauley. Hourly parking is available for $4 first hour, $8 for two hours, $12 for three, and $15 for all day. I strongly recommend you plan for 3+ hour parking as we are going to be meeting as a group shortly after the event ends, for card signatures and possibly grabbing some grub either on campus or in Westwood Village.

PART 1: First Day of Issue Ceremony - USPS/ UCLA

The first 30-45 minutes is just that… a ceremony with speakers from USPS, and in this case, likely UCLA dignitaries and John Wooden’s family as well. The ceremony concludes with the “curtain pull” debuting the stamp image on an oversized poster (cue OOHs and aahs).

After the ceremony concludes, the audience will have the opportunity to purchase a variety of philatelic products, including John Wooden stamps, FDOI covers, and the coveted FDOI pictorial postmark. You are welcome to bring your own covers and postcards for postmarking at the booth. Of course, since this is the first day of issue, you won’t be able to purchase John Wooden stamps ahead of time. So make sure you bring cash (I’d have to assume they have a credit card reader but you never know). The UCLA student union (Ackerman Union) nearby has ATMs for Wells Fargo, Chase, Bank of America, and University Credit Union (CO-OP Network).

**Our Event Postcard!
Our friend Yunyi @cookiedoe has created this amazing design for our meetup card!

We had a maxicard design in mind, meaning that there is space above the image of Joe Bruin to place the John Wooden stamp and have it cancelled. I know what you’re thinking… “how do we get our postcards prior to going to the booth for purchasing stamps and getting cancellations?” Great question! I will be at the event at latest, 12:45pm and sticking around for the ceremony and the meetup of course.

Update 2.22.24 - We are at CAPACITY. If your name is not listed on “Card Reserves” below and you are interested in joining the meetup, please PM me. Thanks!

By sheer luck, I was able to book a room inside the Ackerman Union which is a short walk from the Pauley Pavilion. The room number is AU 2412. Please note that I will need to collect a door fee of $10.00 for each person participating. This is to offset the cost of renting the room. I know that this is a little bit on the steep side, but I thought it better to prepare for possible rain and stick to an indoor venue which did not come with a food/ drink contingency. (More than likely many of us will grab something to eat after the meetup.)
You can Venmo/ Zelle me or pay cash the day of. I appreciate your understanding!

**NOTE: Space for Plus-Ones is subject to availability – we will do our best to fit them in the room – if there is space for them, they would not need to pay the $10. However, priority goes to those who are participating in card signing.

As before, please kindly hit that “Going” box at the top and comment below if you’re interested in joining us! Thanks :wink:

Sorry for the lengthy post :sweat_smile: Thanks for making it this far and I hope you can make it out to Westwood on 2/24! I think it will be a blast! :basketball:

P.S. Here is a nice article / crash course on what to expect at an FDOI ceremony :smiley:


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For your consideration… :partying_face:


Perhaps! I was already considering the SF and Montclair meetups coming soon and I do love a good stamp dedication. I’m not 100% sure I can make it to this one but I will try!


Wow! 3 meetups in a row! I can definitely do this one.


I would definitely like to go to this meet up!


Oh, I’m disappointed! That weekend, I’ll be hosting a workshop in San Diego with a calligrapher from Spain. I am grateful that I’ll get to attend the meetup on the 10th, at least.
You’ll all have a wonderful time at this latest meetup and I’ll look forward to hearing about it! Mike, I think you’re aiming to set the California record for hosting the most Postcrossing meetups in one month!


I’m in! Thank you for the tag. I’d love info on the other meetups also, if they haven’t passed already!


Thank you for the heads up, but I think I will be sitting this one out.
Hope you have fun, it does sound like lots of fun.

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I don’t think I will be able to make it, this is even farther away and with more bus/train changes than the Montclair meetup.
I appreciate the tag, though, I’ll still consider although it’s unlikely I’ll come. If someone is going by car from around Pasadena, let me know.

What’s the third one you are hosting, @llmike007 ?

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I plan to be there. Thank you for hosting!


Unfortunately I have a commitment on that day. I am so sorry to miss it. I remember John Wooden ! I’ve been a fan of UCLA since -forever!

Have a blast!

I hope I am able to purchase some cards though! I’ll be at the Las Vegas Meet up in March if anyone would like to trade with me.


Looking forward to this! People are always asking for maxicards. I think they’d even love a homemade one, since we don’t have USPS ones…. I’m a bruin too, so I love the chance to go back to campus. :partying_face:

@swan I will be driving from York Blvd in Glassell Park and don’t mind driving you to Westwood and back if you could get to Glassell Park or Eagle Rock by like 1130 that day. It always takes an hour plus to get to Westwood….

@SpookyKid - just wanted to say hello :wave:t2: because I am another “kid” and I don’t meet others often. I read your profile and understand your name. Mine is a little more obscure. Started using it 20+ years ago- a song by Tricky- a friend loaned me a tape(!) of the album in the late 1990s. Just liked the sound of it. :grin:


@TheVintageDarling Hi Ali! Thanks for letting me know. Looking forward to seeing you!
Sure thing! We have two other meetups (both Lunar New Year-themed) that I’m hosting/ cohosting: one in SoCal and the other in NorCal.

Montclair - Sat Feb 10
San Francisco - Sat Feb 17

Hope you can make it to one or both! :smiley:

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Hello! And nice to meet you! :blush:


Woo! Let’s go friend! I’ll be there


@trickykid1 I could get to Eagle Rock pretty easily with the Metro bus 180. I may take you up on that.


With the partial ride offer, I have tentatively added myself as “Going” above.


Hi y’all ! Sorry for the late reply, I was on my way to San Francisco for a work trip and also to do some recon for the 2/17 SF meetup with @mailedwithlove ! So excited for what I think will be an awesome month of February!!

@Angelthepup22 Hi Trevor! Thanks for the heads-up. I totally understand ~ would love to have you at any meetup you’re able to make! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions :wink:

@tianye4869 Hi Tian! Yeahhhh this month will be a busy one but also a FUN one – at least I hope so! Looking forward to seeing you. Thanks for making the trip up!

@SpookyKid Hi Amy! Thanks for letting us know. Looking forward to having you!

@Kristi-D Hi Kristi! Aw darn it. Yeah I wish the USPS had given a little more of a heads-up on this event! I appreciate you reaching out and your well wishes as well! Yes, we will certainly see you on the 10th! As far as the CA record is concerned ~ it was not a record I intended on breaking, but I will embrace it :smiley:

@catandmouse Hello! Thank you for letting me know. Totally understand! I believe we are seeing you in Montclair? Looking forward to catching up then.

@swan Hi Swantje! I got your latest update, RSVP received – thank you so much! The third meetup is San Francisco on 2/17. We are just making our rounds through the Golden State hehe :sweat_smile:

@luckycherry Hi Carmen! Thank you for the heads-up. Aww that’s very kind of you – thank YOU for coming out! As they say, the more the merrier :smiley:

@kanosis Hi Maria! Aww darn, we will miss you. Thank you for letting me know! Indeed, John Wooden was and will remain one of the greats. Let me follow up with you regarding the cards because we might be a little tight on quantity (hoping to consolidate multiple events’ print runs into one to avoid excessive surpluses). I will do my best!

@trickykid1 Hi Heather, a fellow Bruin too – Nice! :blue_heart: :yellow_heart:
The feeling is mutual! Thank you for your interest. :slight_smile: Totally agree with you on the maxicards. Although if I’m being brutally honest, the inspiration came from @hagimomiao and her design for the Lunar New Year meetup event! :smiley: :dragon: Thanks for offering @swan a ride! :pray:

@Pyrah Well thank you, friend! Looking forward to seeing you Ashley!

Thank you Everyone!!!

Quote of the day:
“Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.” - John Wooden
:muscle: :star2:


February going to be a busy month :sweat_smile: – all for it! :raised_hands:t5:
Thanks @llmike007 for organizing - never been to a FDOI ceremony so excited to attend!


That is a great idea!

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