Europa 2024 stamps

What a strange thing to do, to just take the theme name and put it on a stamp. Imagine if all the postal services did that for all the themes, writing “NATIONAL TOYS” or “MYTHS AND LEGENDS” instead of illustrations of the actual toys or the myths… :sweat_smile:


I thought this too!

Finnish station chain “ABC” was only first test name, or example how the logo font should look, but then not better name appeared, they started to like it, so it became “ABC”.

Maybe the German had something like that happen :smile:


I feel like maybe we should let Australia participate in the EUROPA stamp competition (like we do in the Eurovision)… they did a better job than some other countries this year! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I guess Germany took this too literally for the Eurovision and Europa stamp: bad songs, bad stamps :laughing:




@Antjelino , I just thought that I’d like to receive that stamp from Germany… I like it.

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My absolute favourite is this one:

I really love this crested newt :lizard:


My top 3 are Jersey, France and Åland so far. Really nice designs IMO

I didn’t like the Swedish one first, but I am starting to warm up for it. To be honest, the year’s theme is overall not really personally interesting for me so I am surprised to even have few stamps to reach “looks okay” level for me. Big plus that they decided to make this a mini-sheet this time. They did few years only in-coil and it was almost impossible to find some because who wants and can afford to buy stamps for 3600 SEK in one go?

I was expecting something little more from Åland, because I have liked their stamps every year since I don’t even remember when. Their SEPAC entry this year is actually much better and it is pity they didn’t use same style in their Europa stamp. Germany’s entry reminds me of a school project where the whole team quits and then they panicked on deadline and turned in the front page, which all they had managed to finish before everybody left the project. Belgium’s shark is my number one right now, but there are still some countries left that haven’t published their stamps yet.


Austria :austria:


Czech Republic :czech_republic:

Gibraltar :gibraltar:


I’m having a blast with this year’s theme. I love underwater anything. I don’t really collect stamps, but I think I will try to collect these. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I love this theme too, I am surprised did not any country have a lenticular stamp? It would make good water effect. But then, maybe too unclear, and also not good to stick to the mail (I have some old that feel like not enough strong glue in it).