Empty Hurray messages

I don’t know.
Some receivers do only care about the card image, or stamp, and can be happy about that and don’t care about the message or non-message.
The person might have used all the energy to the card choosing and sending.
If they write one sentence, some complain, why not more.
If one takes this complaining road, it’s never ending.

At least they are not egoistic nor rude when they took the time to answer you, right?

But no message is very rare, same as empty Hurrays, that I can easily believe mejority or even all happen because “good reason”.

I’ve always taken a lack of message to mean that they were not happy
with my choice of postcard. (reading the above, maybe I’m wrong about that assumption.)

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Of course there will be many assumptions and we never know the reason/s why they don’t give proper hurray message if we don’t ask why. But for me, why bother?

We only pair up with that profile once and while it might be rude or disappointing, moving on and don’t think much about it is better. As long as the card is registered :laughing:

I might be different here, but I prefer no message at all than a generic “thanks for the card” which I assume, isn’t written sincerely for whatever reasons the reciever has


As @catchycat said, it’s a one-off. No need to get twisted into a pretzel about such excruciating minutiae.


I’m rather new, so have only had this happen once. For you veterans, is this common or every so often? If no text is as often as 1:20 I’d be fine with that. As with folks who send less… interesting cards, one moves on.

I have been here for 15 years and sent 667 cards. I have gotten 1 empty hurray or that is what I remember. So I would like to say it’s not that common to get them. :crossed_fingers:


In my three years and 430 sent postcards, I’ve had about 10 empty hurrays.
Recently I’ve had three in quick succession.

Some I can understand maybe a language problem and/or particularly bad handwriting on those postcards.

I just move on.


^same, I don’t worry too much about it.

Maybe there’s a language barrier, maybe the recipient pressed the wrong key, maybe they’re new to postcrossing, etc… who knows?

I’m just glad that the postcard made it to it’s recipient (instead of being lost somewhere) and that my handwriting was legible enough to read the postcard ID


As far as I’m concerned, a default thank you is no thank you at all.


I can see people complaining then about thanking with only the standard prewritten message :smile:

In my opinion the empty Hurrays are not that common. Maybe there are few who do such, but if one person sends an empty message to many, and they write about it, it might appear to be very common. This happened once when writing about rude hurray/profile or something like that, and it turned out, it was the same person for many in that discussion :smiley:

I think the ones who want to write, will do it, and the ones who for whatever reason don’t write, won’t do it if there were some sort of hints to do it.


Yes, and if that is removed, that certainly would feel worse to get an empty Hurray, than now, I believe?
Because then they would take time to remove it.


I didn’t even think of the possibility of someone hating saying thank you so much that they would remove the default :rofl: but you’re right, that would be even worse!

I think it would also be very rare though, and that empty hurrays are much more often the result of someone who either has trouble writing them, or just doesn’t care enough to bother. Not someone who would go out of their way just to be extra rude. Though perhaps I am over-estimating humanity :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and yes, people would certainly still complain about getting the default! My thought wasn’t so much to prevent complaining, as to prevent misunderstandings and hurt feelings that might cause a new Postrcrosser to get discouraged and quit. Not everyone uses the forum - where they can be reassured that it’s probably not personal - and even a default “thank you” seems less ambiguous than a totally blank message. They might think “How rude that they didn’t bother to personalize it” but would be less likely to think “Did I do something to offend?”

Also, if it was a custom default created by the sender, nobody would know for sure when they got one, even if they suspected.


I’ve never got an empty Hurray message and I joined in 2009. I think they are not too common?

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Out of 55 sent, I’ve gotten four empty hurray messages, including one today. It is a rare occurrence, thank goodness. Oddly enough, two of the empty hurray messages still favored my postcards. It used to bother me at first, but now I just shrug off the empty messages. I’ve gotten plenty of wonderful hurray messages. The good outweighs the bad.


Right. And some people are already doing that - probably just copy-pasting the same text into the hurray message every time. You can tell for instance, when people thank you for the “great stamps” when you know you actually used standard issue stamps or even a postage sticker :wink:

For my taste, even an empty registration message is more sincere than an automatic default text.


I couldn’t disagree more :wink:
For me, PC is also about sharing experiences, thoughts, and views, and I am usually very interested in the reaction of the addressee. And in fact the hurray messages I receive are on average way more interesting than the postcard texts - certainly much longer :slight_smile:

That said, however, I don’t think there is any point in forcing anybody to write anything.


Postcrossing is about connecting and the hurray-messages are part of that connecting, so to me they are important.


I choose to think that the empty messages are from the people that needed the most to receive the postcard, maybe already registering the card was a big effort for them. I wouldn’t want to complicate the process making users doubt about the message, if they need to delete, or add, or other…


In a few cases I suspect the member has not seen the actual card, but was given the card# by the person looking after the mail at that address.

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They can be important for you but there is nothing in the rules that says they must be used. It seems pretty clear in the literature that PC is about connecting through postcards.

There are many people who struggle to even get a postcard sent do to language barriers, fine motor skills, learning and intellectual disabilities, and age. With the hurray messages, you could add technological issues to the list. I don’t think we should beat anyone up for skipping a completely optional step.