Empty Hurray messages

I completely understand what you mean. I don’t know if you’ve seen the profile of the postcard recipient. Clearly, this is a person very concerned about the current situation. We are human, we have feelings, and war is terrible for everyone. Keeping your distance IS difficult. Even in this forum, many voiced the opinion that all Russian users should be excluded. Yes, you are right that a simple question may not do any harm, but it is quite likely that the answer will not be nice if the lack of “thank you” message actually has political reasons. I don’t want to start a more political discussion because I don’t like being flagged. So I will just write that in this case in my opinion it is better to take a deep breath and let go.

Ps. Oil is less flammable than fuel. In the Polish version of this saying, it is oil :sweat_smile:. As I write this, I wanted to state that lack of the thank you message may be considered as rude, but asking “why” may result in a much less polite response. It may or it may not. That’s all. And that’s just my opinion.


It is important to me that I thank the sender of my cards. But that is me, and my behaviour. I can’t control what is important to others, or how they behave.

So while an empty Hurray might be a bit disappointing, there is nothing i can do about it and I take the kindness path and assume that the person is busy, unwell, not confident with English or simply doesn’t consider it important. The main thing for me is that the card made its journey, and that is good news!


Is there a way to read Hurray messages on the website? I thought that I hadn’t received any because I am a new member, but I checked my email and had so many wonderful messages from people! It was such a surprise as I never would have known to check my post crossing email until seeing this post.

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No, they’re not stored anywhere on the website, but sent to your email account that you named while registering for Postcrossing.

Good that you’ve finally seen your hurrays! :grinning:

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I read such opinions many times and they make me sad, for they show that the friendlyness of those people is just superficial.

If the message on the card was not harmful and not aggressive, there is no reason why the answer should not be nice, but in fact we do not know what the sender wrote, and that is the crucial point.

Just curious, any news in this matter? We can see that now he has uploaded the photo of the card you sent. Did he also wrote you a thank you message?

Hey! Yes, he answered me and thanked me, it’s really very nice. I’m glad it all ended like this. Thanks for support!))


There’s nothing more confusing in postcrossing than “dry” profiles, postcards and hurray’s. I’m kinda new to postcrossing and I experienced this only once, and it was a russian woman! (russian is my native language). Even if you’re not fluent in languages, you can write a couple words of even use online translator (i do it lol). I joined postcrossing as a collector, but i enjoy communicating too, i try to write at least 2 full sentences when i receive a postcard.

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I find ‘Thank you!’ perfectly acceptable as a message over nothing.


What do you think about it when people don’t leave a message when the card has arrived.
Personal i find it a bit rude. I know you don’t have to but I take time for my cards. I try to find nice cards and nice stamps. It always makes me so happy to find a cratefull thank you message in my email that it is a bit dissepointing if someone doesn’t leave a massage at all.


I had it the other way round. I received a postcard with only my printed (not even handwritten) address on it. No text. Nothing. After a long inner debate of how or if to answer that I wrote the person a message telling them that I was disappointed and a bit sad to receive such a card. Their response was “I’m just tired”. So then why participate in PC at all? I guess some people are just interested in the nice cards they get and don’t bother putting in any effort. They are just egoistic and rude and not worth being upset about them.


It happened only a few times, but still like u said it is such a small thing to do. Even just ‘thank you’ .
I had it also with people who already had like over 4 or 5 thousand cards. Maybe they don’t take the effort anymore. I don’t know. This person today had like 200…

They are human beings with ups and downs and busy days and relaxed days … at least they did not wait to send till they had more energy, but did send.

And all-in-all: the super very basic rule is to send a card. All the other stuff - message, stickers, motives, gallery, hurray, answers, questions … - is additional. (yes, it’s so common practice that one could say it’s almost an obligation already, but still: back then when Paulo and Ana started, it was send a card - get a card)

And yes, that is a wise rule with almost all encounters here and in the rest of the World.


i try to say thank you but it does happen to even nice people. i did a project with my students once where i got 450 postcards in 3 months. it was overwhelming

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Maybe they are very sick and tired thereof. Maybe sending cards is a way to cheer them up?
They get to choose the card, buy stamps, maybe go for a walk to mail the card.
I think it was very nice of them to answer you :slight_smile:


Das Problem ist, das die Bedürfnisse der Schreiber & Empfänger so unterschiedlich sind.
Die meisten haben im Profil eine “Wünsche ich mir / mag ich nicht” Liste und die alleine empfinde ich schon als riesen Hindernis um mit den Menschen in Kontakt zu kommen.
Wenn mir ein Profil vom Thema sehr gefällt und man viel gemeinsam hat, dann schreibe ich so viel, dass ich manchmal 2oder3 Karten benötige, oder es klein auf dem PC tippe, damit alles auf die Karte passt.
Wenn dann nur eine Automatische Nachricht kommt, angekommen, bin ich sehr traurig.

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The problem is that the needs of the writers & recipients are so different.
Most of them have a “I wish / I don’t like” list in their profile and I find that alone to be a huge obstacle to getting in touch with people.
If I really like a profile on the topic and you have a lot in common, then I write so much that I sometimes need 2 or 3 cards, or type it small on the PC so that everything fits on the card.
If then only an automatic message arrives, I am very sad.


Yes, I know that sometimes people are sick or have other problems, but if they pick a card, buy the stamp, put it in the post, why not invest 30 seconds more to write ONE sentence instead of sending a totally blank card which will make the recipient a bit sad?

Also, when they register a card it takes maybe 10 seconds to just write “Thank you”. And yes, sometimes the circumstances make it hard to do that, but surely that does not apply to the majority of registrations without a message.

But maybe it’s just me. I’ve made really great experiences since I joined PC and that’s what counts for me. So, happy postcrossing everyone! :heartpulse: